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Achieving New Milestones Through Upskill

Salah Eddine Khoutara

Salah Eddine Khoutara

23+ years

Chief Information Technology Officer

Chief Information Technology Officer


Chief Information Technology Officer

Chief Information Technology Officer


As documented by Salah Eddine Khoutara

I am an experienced, hardworking and ambitious individual who constantly strives for personal and professional growth. It is the topmost reason which leads me to switch to the top position at my previous company and look for a new role in a new country. I wanted to remain updated with new technologies and face new challenges along with financial and professional growth, which led me to learn and achieve more. 

The Journey 

I am Salah Eddine Khoutara, with 23 years of experience in IT and computer science. My last designation was Chief Information Technology Officer at IRIS group Tyres.  I started my career as an IT teacher at a private school here in Algeria. After some time, I moved to the broadcasting industry, where I worked as a systems engineer. I have worked across several industries in the IT domain. After broadcasting, I transitioned to the aviation sector, where I worked as an IT Manager. Then I joined IRIS Tyres as a Project Manager in 2017 and was eventually promoted to Chief Information Technology Officer. Here I dealt with the technical and managerial aspects of the company.

The Challenge 

I wanted to upskill myself in the domain of cloud technology due to two primary reasons. Firstly, I needed to match the current market trend and know about the latest technologies. This is a dire requirement in leadership positions where multiple headcounts are under control. Secondly, I wanted a shift to a new country with a new job opportunity. My choice was European countries. The act required certification with practical knowledge. 

Simplilearn Solution

I had offers from top universities, such as Texas, Barcelona, and other universities from different countries. However, my choice was Simplilearn due to its association with Caltech, which is, again, a prestigious university holding a difficult admission process. Furthermore, I wanted to pursue the course along with the job. The online classes from Simplilearn were a catchy option owing to flexibility in the learning schedule and the associated brand name. 

I received a fantastic experience with Simplilearn. I used to study on the weekends and in the mornings before office hours. The self-learning classes helped a lot. The course also introduced me to new technologies like AWS and Azure 300. 

Post Graduate Program In Cloud Computing
Master Classes taught by Caltech CTME instructor

The Impact 

The educational platform has fulfilled my dream of shifting to Europe, that too at a good position of Team Leader. I felt my career stagnant at my previous position, which hindered my mental, professional and financial growth. Apart from new learnings, I achieved all my growth goals. I landed a job in Europe with a 60% salary hike. I accepted the offer and am currently leading the onsite cloud computing unit. My job offer was solely based on the fact that I learnt cloud computing from Simplilearn and Caltech CTME. 

A Word From Simplilearn 

Caltech and Simplilearn collectively offer Post Graduate Programs in Cloud Computing. The collaboration imparts in-depth knowledge about cloud computing, Azure, AWS and GCP. It is the one-stop to architectural principles and skills required to become a cloud expert. The program’s certifications are aligned with AWS, a Technology partner and Microsoft partner. 

Skills Covered

  • Cloud provider selection
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud workloads
  • Web services and API
  • Multi-cloud deployment
  • Autoscaling 
  • Cloud migration and deployment
  • Database management
  • Identity access management
  • Storage services

The training is advantageous due to providing a Caltech certificate, program performance report, conceptual clarity and hands-on training on different projects.