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Enhance Your Career with Azure Cloud Computing Skills

Cody Mayhew

Cody Mayhew

12+ years

Program Analyst

Program Analyst

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs




As documented by Cody Mayhew 

 I have worked as a program analyst on the data repository team for 12 years with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. In 2021, the department migrated its SQL server to the Microsoft Azure cloud. I realized I needed to learn the platform to perform better at work. In addition, I work as a freelancer and create websites. I surmised that taking Simplilearn’s Azure Cloud Architect Master’s Program would help me deliver at my job and for my other clients.  

Simplilearn’s course helped me find different ways to host applications, various websites, and serverless components. It also helped immensely with my freelance and website-hosting projects. 

I am a sports buff and run a podcast and website that hosts videos in my spare time. The skills I learned from Simplilearn have allowed me to run and control its functions. Initially, I had to outsource some services and pay a lot. Since taking Simplilearn’s course, I can host my website. Not only did I save money, but I also earned money from the website. 

Upskilling Is the Right Decision

I have a high school diploma. After high school, I entered medical billing and began working in Veteran Affairs. When the department migrated the SQL server to the cloud using Azure, I knew I needed to upskill to keep up with the technology. While researching courses and Simpliearn reviews, I discovered that many platforms provided crash courses that did not provide in-depth knowledge. Simplilearn offered a comprehensive approach that worked for me.

Post Graduate Program In DevOps
Master classes taught by Caltech CTME instructor

Simplilearn Offers a Professional Approach

My overall experience with Simplilearn was valuable. All the instructors were exceptional, and I was astonished to realize how knowledgeable and educated they were. I enjoyed classes by Punnary Menon, and I am grateful to Simplilearn for the experience. 

The Certification Advantage 

I can apply the knowledge I gained from Simplilearn’s course to my job. Other teams manage much of the cloud architecture, but now that I know about the process, we can assume more responsibility.