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Exploring New Domain with Ease

Alexandros Liolios

Alexandros Liolios

2+ years

Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineer

8bells research

Presales Engineer

Presales Engineer

Logicom Distribution

As documented by Alexandros Lilios

I have a zeal for learning new technologies and upskilling my skill set. I have always been passionate about exploring new domains and excelling in them. I am always looking to expand my skill set to achieve my long-term goal of becoming a good cloud architect. Simplilearn has helped me get my desired Cloud computing job and prepared me for the future.

The Journey 

I am an electrical engineer. I started working in engineering when I graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. I started working in Germany with Cadence Design Systems as a Strategic Academic Partnerships. I switched jobs and started working for Boehringer Ingelheim as an OSS Agent in Greece. I was recently working with 8Bells Research as a Cloud Engineer. Currently, I am looking for better opportunities and learning new technologies. 

The Challenge 

As soon as I completed college, I started working as an electrical engineer. Over the years, I have worked in technical support roles only. I was not seeing any significant growth in my profile in terms of skill enhancement and new learnings. I do not come from an IT background, which has been a weak point in my profile. I have wanted to work in the information technology industry for a long time. 

After analysing what skills I need to get an excellent job in the IT domain, I explored the various skills I can add. I was pretty intrigued by the cloud computing domain. I decided that I wanted to work in this sector. It would not be an easy transition, but I was ready to take up the challenge. Cloud Computing is a growing field and can give me a growing career. From working in technical support roles to working as a cloud engineer, it has been a journey with a lot of experiences and teachings.

Simplilearn Solution

I was looking for a good and elaborate course that would give me in-depth knowledge of cloud computing. I started researching online courses that could give me the proper guidance and course material for a start in the cloud computing domain. I came across many online learning platforms but found the best reviews on Simplilearn. I decided to look into their courses and their curriculum. I enrolled in their Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing, Caltech CTME, which had all the necessary skills I was looking for. 

The structure design of Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing, Caltech CTME, was very efficient and comprehensive. The instructors were very knowledgeable and professional. They were very cooperative and also there to help the students with their problems. The best part for me was the teaching material provided by Simplilearn. The assignments, Q&A sessions, video lectures, and hands-on virtual practicals benefited me.

Post Graduate Program In Cloud Computing
Master Classes taught by Caltech CTME instructorPost Graduate Program In Cloud Computing

The Impact 

Always being in the electrical engineering domain, I lacked the specific IT skills required in the corporate industry. I have always wanted to work in the software development field. Cloud computing is a very blooming industry with a lot of opportunities. When I decided to change my career, Simplilearn’s course was my best decision. It starts with the basics and takes you to complex concepts one step at a time. 

The AWS classes were very beneficial for me. I was not good at using Azure, AWS, Docker, and other services. The program helped me to become a swift user of these tools. The discussions with the experts about their experiences helped me to learn about the practical application of cloud computing on the job. Simplilearn platform also focuses on your feedback and works on it immediately. I am glad that I opted for Simplilearn’s course to get a promising career in cloud computing. I joined the course in March 2022 and got a Cloud Engineer job in May 2022 with a good pay raise. 

A Word From Simplilearn 

For a great start in the field of cloud computing, a person should enrol in Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing, Caltech CTME. It is a comprehensive program designed to help students learn new techniques and expertise. After completing the course, you will be enrolled in Simplilearn’s Job Assist, which will help you get noticed by the top hiring companies. You also get upto 30 CEUs from Caltech CTME.

Skills Covered

  • Cloud Provider Selection
  • Application Migration
  • Cloud Workloads
  • Identity Access Management
  • Cloud Migration and Deployment
  • MultiCloud Deployment
  • Autoscaling
  • Web Services and API
  • Performance Testing

Once you have finished the course, you will have comprehensive knowledge about the concepts of cloud computing along with practical experience.