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From Grammy Winner to Cloud Engineer

Jorge Barboza

Jorge Barboza

11+ years

Information Technology Manager

Information Technology Manager

Nikki Beach Worldwide

Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineer

Limitless Minds

Switching Locations and Career After Winning a Grammy

As documented by Jorge Barboza

Well, not many people know that I am a Grammy Award winner! I got the Latin Grammy in 2007 in the Best Short Form Video Category. I was one of the producers of the video ‘Ven A Mi Casa Esta Navidad’. I’m from Venezuela, where I worked as a software developer, although I had some experience as a video editor and producer. I started off as a video editor and producer back in Venezuela, where I started my own company. Since people in Venezuela didn’t have access to good quality video content, that was a need I could fill. I did some videos in the United States, which allowed me to get a PR under the clause of being a resident with special abilities, so I moved to the United States 14 years ago in 2008 with my wife and my one son, who at the time was two years old. I had to start from scratch in terms of a career.

The first two years were hard, as no work could be found. So I realized I had to enter the IT sector. In 2011, I got my first job here in the United States as a software developer with a company. I worked there till 2015, then joined Nikki Beach Worldwide in 2015, where I worked for seven years as a web developer and later as an information technology manager. Over the years, I fell in love with what I was doing.

Last year, while working with Nikki Beach Worldwide, I started looking toward forwarding my career. I saw the whole technology sector taking a new direction, and cloud computing was at the center of it. I knew there were ample opportunities in cloud computing, so I wanted to learn this new technology to advance my career and change my domain from IT manager to cloud computing engineer. Since I didn’t have a formal education in this area, I decided to take a professional course, Simplilearn’s Cloud Computing Bootcamp with Caltech CTME.

Simplilearn Helped Me Transition to a Career in Cloud Computing

My overall experience was amazing. The AWS classes were really helpful. The instructor who taught the module was very knowledgeable and presented technology in a very simple manner, making it easy to understand even if you didn’t have a background in the subject matter. Also, he gave us insights into how AWS is used professionally. The Azure classes were also very helpful for me.

The course interface was very helpful, and I really enjoyed the live sessions. I still have one year of access to the recorded sessions, so I can go back and watch the videos while I am establishing myself as a cloud engineer, which is a new experience for me.

Cloud Architect Master’s Program
40+ In-Demand Skills & 25+ Services

Getting Real Results from my Training

Well, I finished my course in June this year. Three weeks after finishing my course, I got hired by Limitless Minds as a cloud engineer. So, at the end of it all, I changed my domain, and my salary just doubled! I got the job because the course taught me Azure, one of the top three cloud providers today. I showed my cloud certification to the company, and they gave me this opportunity. I am working remotely and spending time with my wife, two sons, and two dogs. So, I am really thankful to Simplilearn for that.

Why Simplilearn?

Well, I wanted to try out the bootcamp course. I had already attended a previous bootcamp in 2015 in iOS development from some other company, and my experience was great. So, I wanted to see if I could get the same results if I tried Simplilearn’s bootcamp. In the course of doing my research, I found out about the Caltech bootcamp, and Caltech is a well-known, prestigious institute. Also, since I am a working professional, my time was limited, and the course was on weekends. Thus, it was easy for me to pursue this course while still doing my job. So, I chose Simplilearn as my learning partner. I may be a cloud engineer now, but I still do some video editing and video production here and there.

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