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Gateway to Become a Cloud Architect

Varun Kumar

Varun Kumar

5+ years

Senior Data Associate

Senior Data Associate




Amazon Web Services

As documented by Varun Kumar R

I am an enthusiastic person who has a great passion for technology and is always ready to upskill my technical knowledge. My dream job is to be a cloud architect. To achieve my career goals, I thrive on learning new skills and gaining all the knowledge I need. Simplilearn was a great support for me to take a leap in my career and get one step closer to my goal. 

The Journey 

I completed my graduation from Jeppiaar Engineering College and started my professional journey in 2020. I started working at Amazon as a Data Associate. I worked there for almost 3 years. Based on my performance and good work ethic, I was promoted. I am currently working with AWS as a Technical Customer Support Associate. 

The Challenge 

I started my job just after I completed my graduation. I got offered a nice job at Amazon and worked there for almost 3 years. I always aimed to become a cloud engineer and wanted to change my job to get closer to my dream job. I wanted to get a decent salary and good promotions. I tried to learn as many techniques as possible while working at Amazon. I was never satisfied with my job profile as a data associate and wanted to work in cloud engineering.

After analysing the required skills, I looked for ways to enhance my skill set and get my dream job. I decided to expand my knowledge in the domain and work towards my personal and professional growth. From being a Data Associate to becoming a Technical Customer Support Associate, I have gained a lot of confidence and personal growth. 

Simplilearn Solution

I decided to explore and look for ways to learn about cloud computing. There are several courses and programs that provide you with knowledge of cloud computing. I need an online course that could help me elevate  my skill set and land a good job leading to my aim. I found Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing, Caltech CTME, which is an affordable and comprehensive course. The course helps stay relevant to recent evolutions in the cloud computing industry and competencies in all aspects of being a cloud architect.

The experts methodically design the course at Simplilearn to help every student understand the concepts easily. The faculties are well-versed in the concepts and are always there to answer your questions and give you the best solutions. The assignments and tests helped me assess myself and work on my weak points. The Simplilearn customer care executives were great, too; they helped me at every point, from enrolling to getting my certificate. 

Post Graduate Program In Cloud Computing
Master Classes taught by Caltech CTME instructor

The Impact 

With a certification from Simplilearn and Caltech CTME, I was able to get a promotion with a salary hike of 80% at my job at Amazon. It also helped me to get my certification in AWS SAP. I got to work on new projects with a better understanding of cloud computing. They were more interesting and challenging. I was able to get a more demanding job with better exposure and learning at AWS with a significant increase in my salary too.

The classes were delivered by industry experts. The course focused on providing us with more practical knowledge rather than just focusing on the theory. The live sessions were quite helpful for me as I could ask questions and interact with the teachers. The faculty notes, video links and presentations were quite helpful too. The experts used to share their experiences which helped me prepare for my job role. My experience with Simplilearn was perfect. All in all, it’s the best way to enter the cloud computing industry.

A Word From Simplilearn 

Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program in Cloud Computing, Caltech CTME, is extensively designed to help professionals gain new skills and expertise in cloud computing. The course provides enrollment in Simplilearn’s Job Assist which helps you to get noticed by the top hiring companies. Students also receive upto 30 CEUs from Caltech CTME.

Skills Covered

  • Cloud Provider Selection
  • Application Migration
  • Cloud Workloads
  • Identity Access Management
  • Cloud Migration and Deployment
  • MultiCloud Deployment
  • Autoscaling
  • Web Services and API
  • Performance Testing

When you complete the course, you will not only have extensive knowledge about the concepts of cloud computing but also have the practical experience to work on challenging projects in your industry.