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Keeping Up with the Fast-Paced Changes in Today’s Technology

Picture of Jumana Sura

Jumana Sura

16+ years

Picture of Accounts Manager

Accounts Manager

Reyanna Technologies

Picture of Product Owner

Product Owner

Venture 7

As documented by Jumana Sura

Today’s technological innovations arrive at a breathtaking pace, and if you want to stay relevant and employable, you need to keep up. It also helps to stay current if you’re planning on tackling a new career. That’s where upskilling comes in. When you upskill, you build upon your current skillset with new knowledge.

But there are so many available avenues for upskilling. Perhaps too many! How does one make the right choice?

As it happens, I made the right choice when I picked Simplilearn’s PGP in Cloud Computing in Association with Caltech CTME. But in order for you to get a good idea of how I arrived at this choice, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

My Background

I’m a Product Manager from Mumbai, with over 13 years of experience, with a Master of Computer Applications (MCA) in Computer Science from the School of Computer Science, DAVV. I also completed a Post Graduate Program in Management, Business Administration and Management, General from Sunstone Business School.

I had already used Simplilearn before for training. I took their PMI-ACP Certification Training Course and had a good experience with it. I was impressed with how they acted quickly to resolve any issues I raised, and they provided all the assistance I needed. So yes, I already was leaning favorably towards Simplilearn, and with good reason!

Post Graduate Program In Cloud Computing
Master Classes taught by Caltech CTME instructor

The Challenge: Upskilling in Today’s Rapidly Changing IT World

This is an amazing time to be involved in any sort of IT-related career. It seems like every day there are new discoveries and innovations, and it’s all quite exciting. We live in a world characterized by exponentially increasing technological strides.

However, all this rapid progress is a double-edged sword. As fantastic as the pace of technology is, it presents a daunting challenge for any IT professional who wants to stay current and ahead of the pack. After all, more often than not, the candidate chosen for a position is the one who has the most relevant, applicable skills!

So obviously, the answer is to search for a reliable and proven source of instruction.

The Simplilearn Solution

Since I had such a good experience with Simplilearn already, I decided to go with them again. I chose Simplilearn’s PGP in Cloud Computing course so I could be brought up to speed with the latest in cloud technology, and hopefully transition to a cloud-related career.

Once again, I appreciated how they addressed any concerns I had, and even helped me switch trainers and cohorts so I could get the most out of my learning experience. They asked for regular feedback, and then put that feedback into actual practice. It’s always good when people not only listen to you but also take steps to correct the things that bother you.

The Results

Simplilearn definitely helped me with my career growth. In fact, I received a decent job offer after I was on a career break. I was still taking the Simplilearn course when I applied to Venture 7. The company was looking for someone who had some experience or knowledge of the cloud domain. So, when I told them about the course I was taking, they offered me the position of Product Owner, complete with a 50 percent salary hike!