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Using Upskilling to Tap the Career Potential of DevOps

Mario Scott

Mario Scott

14+ years

Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineer

EyeQ Monitoring

DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer


A Solid IT Background, But It Needed More

As documented by Mario Scott

I have almost a decade of experience working in an enterprise environment designing, planning, implementing, and scaling high-quality solutions that run on Azure and AWS Cloud Services. I have worked with numerous organizations, notably as a system administrator, cloud engineer, and database engineer.

One of my most valued work experiences was with the U.S. Army as an operations manager, and I consider it one of the most significant periods of my professional journey.

While working as a cloud engineer at EyeQ Monitoring, I realized the potential in DevOps and wanted to explore that as a career opportunity. So, I started looking for new job opportunities in that domain. However, DevOps requires certain skills I didn’t possess at the time. So, I decided to upskill myself, enhance my knowledge, and finally land a new job in this exciting and growing field.

All I needed was to find the right platform.

Why Simplilearn Was the Right Choice

The Azure Solutions Architect Course helped me immensely in my career growth. Everything about the course was fantastic. My personal favorite features had to be the practice labs and hands-on experience. Those elements added so much more practical understanding to the whole learning experience. Overall, the course was great, and so was the entire team behind it.

The Course’s Benefits Made My New Career Possible

Just as I had intended at the start of my upskilling journey, I landed a new job at DealerOps as a DevOps engineer. Additionally, my salary increased by 50 percent. Not only that, but my confidence as a professional has also grown significantly, and I am now more confident and believe in myself to deliver my best in my work.

AWS Cloud Architect Master’s Program
8X higher interaction in live online classes conducted by industry experts

How My Professional Journey Looks Now

I currently work as a DevOps engineer with DealerOps. I am now a Microsoft Azure certified professional with over nine years of experience working in an enterprise environment designing, planning, implementing, and scaling high-quality solutions that run on Azure and AWS Cloud Services. My work responsibilities include implementing and monitoring Azure infrastructure, managing security solutions, and implementing solutions for apps. I can effectively work with numerous DevOps tools like Jenkins, Ansible, and containers to provide continuous integration and continuous deployment.

My Long-Term Career Plans

I am a keen learner who wants to continue learning and progressing in my career as well as my personal life. I believe one must never stop learning. There’s so much to know and learn about, and I want to keep learning throughout my career. Additionally, I want to keep expanding my knowledge horizons and set higher goals for myself every time.

Outside of my career, I enjoy watching and playing soccer and chess. The latter keeps my brain engaged as well as helping me spend my free time productively.

Parting Thoughts

You can have an extensive background and work experience in a given field yet still need more gaps that could prevent you from making a career change. Simplilearn supplied me with that missing information and made it possible for me to embark on a fantastic new career.

Never stop learning, and never stop gaining new skills. You never know when you’ll need them.