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Career Moves to the Fast Lane With Data Analytics

Aniket Kulkarni

Aniket Kulkarni

3+ years

Integration Support Associate

Integration Support Associate


Data Analyst

Data Analyst

WhiteHat Jr

As documented by Aniket Kulkarni.

I’m a native and current resident of Pune, India. When I decided to advance my career, I chose the Simplilearn Post Graduate Program (PGP) in Data Analytics. I felt like I had reached a saturation point in my career and was not seeing any potential for growth. I realized that my career had reached a plateau and that in order to grow, I needed to upskill.

With a master’s degree in physics and hopes of obtaining a Ph.D., my career path didn’t immediately lead me to the data analytics field. It wasn’t until financial constraints kept me from doctoral studies that I began considering how I could incorporate my interests in data analytics into my career.

Data science and data analytics were a backup in case I was not able to do my Ph.D. So, even when I joined ZocDoc, I joined on the condition that I would get to explore data analytics or SQL. I was able to get some hands-on experience there.

Course Partners and Career Services Helped Me Choose Simplilearn

A determining factor for my choice to upskill with Simplilearn’s PGP in Data Analytics was the program’s close partnership with world-class leaders in higher education and technology. There were so many other platforms on the table. But the course at Simplilearn was in collaboration with IBM and Purdue University, which ultimately influenced my decision.

Professional Certificate Program in Data Analytics
14+ industry-relevant projects from the likes of Google, Zomato and IBM and many more

In addition, the projects that students complete throughout the course of the program—which include real-world data from businesses like Google, Walmart, and IBM—provided the hands-on experience I needed before entering a new field.

Simplilearn’s career service support also helped me navigate career advances and changes with confidence. The Job Assist program helped me revise my resume so that I would be more prepared for interviews while looking for a job. During the interview, the questions that were asked had all been covered in the course. Everything that I needed for the interview was in the course LMS.

The new skills I added to my portfolio helped me break through career stagnation and secure a position where I enjoy my work and am able to excel.

While I believe that choosing the right platform is a crucial step to upskilling, I’d advise  that taking ownership and initiative to learn something new is the first step to career success.

*Disclaimer: Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics has been renamed to Professional Certificate Program in Data Analytics