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Discovering the Way to New Passion Under Simplilearn’s Guidance

Anjum Rohra

Anjum Rohra

1+ years

Data Science and Business Analyst intern

Data Science and Business Analyst intern

Sparks Foundation

Data Scientist

Data Scientist


As documented by Anjum Rohra

I am a young data science enthusiast from Mumbai with a Master’s Degree in Electronics and Telecommunications. But I discovered my new interest in the Data Science domain and sought a similar career. Inculcating new skills and practical applicability, I earned growth and a positive outlook to work on my start-up. 

The Journey 

I started my journey with a Bachelor’s in Electronics and Telecommunication (2012-2016). In the next step, I completed my Master’s (2017-2019) in the same specialisation focused on Python programming. As I became more interested in Python coding, I improved my coding skills by referring to notes online and videos on YouTube. I explored more opportunities and came across Data Science and Machine Learning fields. My fascination with this domain made me switch my career path to the Data Science field. I started exploring methods to gain expertise and enhance my skills in this domain. 

The Challenge 

Discovering a new career path requires courage and the right guidance. Finding a platform with fair and unbiased suggestions is difficult in such cases. Many opportunities are available online with fake promises and promotional materials, making it difficult to find the quality. Most of them lack a practical approach, an important criterion I looked towards gaining.

Simplilearn Solution

Simplilearn reviews and customer care answered all my queries. Their honesty in detailing their offerings was eye-catching. I feel proud of my decision to choose Simplilearn. It is an amazing platform with the blended learning approach as its best feature. It smoothened the process and increased effective learning. I highly appreciate the efforts and patience of all the professors in getting all the doubts cleared. They make even the most complex concepts very easy to understand. The projects at the end of each course were highly helpful in testing all the skills learnt during the live classes. The timely feedback the professors provided after the project submission was of great help. Kudos to the Simplilearn team for all the efforts!

Caltech Post Graduate Program In Data Science
Obtain industry-recognized IBM certificates for IBM courses and get access to masterclasses by IBM

The Impact 

The program benefitted me by giving me the right technical skills to become a Data Scientist and successfully walk on my chosen path. I received a salary increment of 30%. I currently apply them in job roles to earn loads of praise by delivering quality content. The data science exposure will be the first step to my start-up in healthcare. 

A Word From Simplilearn 

Caltech Post Graduate Program in Data Science is a programming, Machine learning, AI and Data visualisation-based program available in conjunction with Caltech and IBM. Providing around 14 CEU credits, physical certificates, expert guidance and deep knowledge, it aims to encourage students in the IT sector for career growth and change as per their will. 

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