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From Retail Professional to Successful Data Analyst

Mohamed Asfar Hameed

Mohamed Asfar Hameed

5+ years



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Data Analyst

Data Analyst

Oxford International Education Services

As documented by Asfar Hameed

Life is a funny thing. Sometimes, you take a course of action to help you achieve a particular goal, only to find out that the course of action offers you a far better opportunity than the goal you were pursuing!

That’s what happened to me when I took Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics. What started out as a means of improving my career at the time, turned into an irresistible opportunity to change course for the better and land a career far better than what I had previously. Let me explain.

But before I do, a little about myself. 

My Background

I live in Chennai, India, with my family. After I graduated from university in 2017 with a B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering, I ended up in a non-technical position, working as an Aviation Security Officer for Jet Airways. 

When Jet Airways ceased operations two years later, I saw this as an opportunity to go into the retail clothing business for myself. Things look promising until 2020 when the pandemic-based lockdown came crashing down, putting so many people’s plans on hold. 

Undaunted, I shifted focus to the hardware business and began striking up working relationships with vendors around India. It began to occur to me that I could gain a more competitive advantage if I could incorporate more data-driven insights into my business. At about the same time, I was becoming intrigued by the share market and by crypto trading, which sparked a further interest in learning the Python programming language.

The Challenge: Learning Data Analytics to Strengthen My Business

Okay, so I knew what I was up against now. I needed a convenient, affordable, and effective means of learning data analytics, so I could use those skills to improve and strengthen my business. After all, this is the age of data, and if you want your business to get ahead, you need the tools to better process, utilize, and monetize information!

So, I began searching for courses that related to my quest. And that’s when I found Simplilearn. 

The Simplilearn Solution

I chose Simplilearn because, after searching for courses and comparing various providers, I felt that Simplilearn’s course had better content and more robust support for easy self-paced learning, qualities I was looking for in an upskilling partner. 

The trainers were very professional and friendly, possessing a strong knowledge of data analytics. They also demonstrated a solid, constant level of support, which I was particularly happy about since I was completely new to the field. The staff helped me out a lot at the beginning!  This level of helpfulness and support really helped me build my confidence in data analytics.

So, I dedicated my evenings and weekends to learning, while still handling my business during regular hours. The self-paced recorded videos were particularly instrumental in clearing up any doubts or questions I had.

Everything was going smoothly. The attentive and knowledgeable trainers, the self-paced study materials, and the flexible learning times combined to form an effective and convenient means of learning data analytics.

Then, the unexpected happened.

Professional Certificate Program in Data Analytics
14+ industry-relevant projects from the likes of Google, Zomato and IBM and many more

The Results

The more I studied data analytics, the more the subject intrigued me. Eventually, it got to the point where I realized that I didn’t just want to learn data analytics; I wanted to make it my vocation! Yes, I wanted to move away from retail, and instead stay in data analytics for the long haul. I was especially taken with the vast career opportunities that data analytics offered. I had to make data analytics my full-time career.

The certification helped me improve my resume and stand apart from other similar candidates in the eyes of job recruiters. I am now confident about building my career in data analytics, using the tools I learned in the course while performing my duties on the job.

After finishing the course, I started applying for jobs through various portals, and finally got an opportunity to work as a Data Analyst with Oxford International, an education consultancy firm, within two months of finishing the course! 

Facing the Future with the Right Tools

My long-term goal is to continue growing in the field of data science, eventually securing a position with one of the big multinational corporations. Thus far, my life has been a wild roller coaster ride, but after finishing the course and securing a good position, I finally have that sense of calmness and stability, something I’ve always wanted. 

But the quest for knowledge and the desire to learn hasn’t abated. The future looks bright, but there’s still so much to learn. I believe that discipline and dedication are the keys to success, which you must have in order to focus on your goal and reach the destination that you have ultimately aimed for. 

Thanks to Simplilearn, I have access to the right tools I need to tackle any challenges the future has for me, as I strive to fulfill all my career-related goals. For me, Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics was the catalyst. 

*Disclaimer: Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics has been renamed to Professional Certificate Program in Data Analytics