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New Job and Updated Skills!

Picture of Souvik Mazumdar

Souvik Mazumdar

10+ years

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Lead Analyst


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Senior Software Developer


As documented by Souvik Mazumdar

Intending to update my skills, I pursued the PGP in Data Science from Simplilearn. I landed a new job, and the knowledge helped me establish a name for myself in the new company.

My Career Journey So Far

I am a B.Tech graduate from the West Bengal University of Technology. I used to work at CGI as a Lead Analyst when I realized I needed to acquire some more skills and update my knowledge with the current trends, so I took the course from Simplilearn. I am currently working as a Senior Software Developer at NASQAD, and my wife is working at Capgemini as a Manager. 

The Challenge 

Working for a few years in the Data Science domain, I realized that my knowledge has become stagnant and needs to be upgraded with the current trends. Moreover, I wanted to stand out from the crowd in terms of skills, so I decided to upskill myself and took the Postgraduate Program in Data Science from Simplilearn. 

The Simplilearn Solution

I came across Simplilearn after months of research, and I must say I made the right choice. The PGP Data Science course from Simplilearn is well-organized, with the best instructors and a comprehensive curriculum. The course structure thoroughly covers all the important languages with various case studies. Moreover, I could easily manage both work and studies because of the recorded lectures feature.

Post Graduate Program In Data Science
25+ industry-relevant projects from the likes of Amazon, Walmart, Uber, and Mercedes Benz.

The Simplilearn Impact

First of all, the course helped me acquire skills in various programming languages like Machine learning, NLP, R programming, and Python. After completing the course, I switched to a new job at NASQAD as a Senior Software Developer. The knowledge I gained from the course helps me to implement the same in my current role.

A Word From Simplilearn 

The PGP in Data Science with Purdue University and IBM is an advanced certificate program that covers all the job-critical topics required to excel in data science, including Python, R, machine learning techniques, data visualization with Tableau, and NLP notions. The comprehensive curriculum from Purdue University includes a specialization in the following areas: natural language processing, business intelligence/data analytics, deep learning, business analytics, and data engineering.

This program’s active learning model sets this program apart, which includes practical labs, IBM hackathons, live sessions conducted by global professionals, and corporate-ready projects. Additionally, this program features masterclasses by Purdue faculty and IBM experts, exclusive hackathons, and Ask Me Anything sessions by IBM.

With this program, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the fast-paced world of data science and become a valuable asset to your organization.