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Prioritize Learning and Responsibilities with Simplilearn

Cody Phillippi

Cody Phillippi

4+ years

Program Manager

Program Manager


Senior Program Manager

Senior Program Manager


As documented by Cody Phillippi

Simplilearn not only taught me the skills I needed to improve my job performance, but my manager also considered the course when giving me a promotion. After completing my Bachelor of Business Management in Computer Science from Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio, I started working at Salesforce. I’m fascinated with data visualization, which I want to master and apply to my work. The easiest way to move forward was by taking an online data science course, and I discovered “Simplilearn World’s #1 Bootcamp” and enrolled in its Data Scientist Master’s Program.

My experience with Simplilearn was superb, particularly the live sessions. The course helped me in my professional career immeasurably, including getting that promotion. 

Moving From Sales to Data to Strategy

I started working at Salesforce right after completing school. I started in the sales world and gradually moved to the data world. Today, I am on the Salesforce strategy team for our inside sales team. I have always been fond of working with data and analyzing it to help address business problems. Simplilearn’s Data Scientist Masters Program allowed me to work with our inside sales team to help them understand what makes the business tick, where we can improve, and what will make us the most money. In my current role as Salesforce’s senior program manager in sales development strategy and operations, I work as a bridge between my team and our technical team. My largest responsibilities include working on business intelligence, which looks at data from dashboards to analysis.

A Love of Learning

I love learning new and interesting things, especially next-generation approaches to the business world. I have an affinity for data and have always been skilled in pulling data in Excel, manipulating it, and coming out with insights. However, I was looking for a way to improve on these skills. I believed our business was taking an older approach to analyze data. Simplilearn’s Data Scientist Masters Program has allowed me to better manipulate and perceive data differently to help improve our business growth, rather than using traditional Excel formatting. It also helped me in day-to-day processes, which has saved me hours and hours.

Professional Certificate Program In Data Science
25+ industry-relevant projects from the likes of Amazon, Walmart, Uber, and Mercedes Benz.

Simplilearn Can Boost Your Career 

I received a promotion after completing Simplilearn’s Data Scientist Master’s Program and a substantial salary increase. According to my manager, it was a significant factor in my advancement, and the tools I learned from the course will allow me to increase my responsibilities. For example, my most significant improvement has been in using data visualization.

Time Management Requires Diligence

Because I have one-year-old twin daughters, managing time is not easy. But I discovered that blocking time on my calendar helps a lot, even if it may sound simple. You must prioritize what’s important for you and just focus on that. I used to block one hour every morning for the course, which helped me get through it and make quality time to spend with my family. I’m also a huge fan of golf, so if I am not working or spending time with my family, I golf! I am also a big food lover.

How Simplilearn Helps Professionally and Personally

Simplilearn helped me understand how to prioritize my responsibilities better. In other words, it opened up new perspectives I didn’t know existed. It allowed me to understand and have conversations about data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, which seem to be everywhere nowadays.

Prioritize Continuing Education

Making continuous education a priority is essential in this business climate of constant change. With Simplilearn, you can upskill without spending thousands of dollars, learn a lot and gain hands-on experience. I would also recommend attending Simplilearn’s live classes, which provide better context and are 10 times more helpful.