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Transforming My Career Path through Data Analytics

Rose Ashford

Rose Ashford

15+ years

K-12 Substitute Teacher & Special Education

K-12 Substitute Teacher & Special Education

Swing Education

Africa Director

Africa Director



Originally hailing from West Africa, my journey to the United States at the tender age of two set the stage for a life of resilience and ambition, much inspired by my hardworking mother. From a diverse career spanning sales in multinational corporations like Kraft Foods and Coca-Cola to educating children with special needs, my professional path has been anything but linear. My latest venture involves working as a Civil Servant & Sourcing Specialist at the Department of Rehabilitation, coupled with my role as the Director for Africa at Gatherverse, a thriving tech platform.

Enrollment Decision and Career Goals

My thirst for knowledge and the desire to make a meaningful impact led me to explore further education. With the world rapidly embracing technology and the metaverse, I felt a compelling urge to understand the intricacies of data analytics. This quest for comprehension directed me towards Simplilearn’s Professional Certificate Program in Data Analytics, in collaboration with Purdue University. My goal was not only to diversify my career but also to leverage this knowledge in aiding adults at the Department of Rehabilitation and enriching the technological framework of Gatherverse.

My Experience with Simplilearn

The experience with Simplilearn was transformative. The curriculum’s depth, coupled with the practical application through projects, allowed me to grasp complex concepts with clarity. Faculty members, with their encouraging demeanor, played a pivotal role in this journey, making even the most daunting topics accessible. The projects were not just assignments; they were stepping stones that bridged the gap between theoretical knowledge and its real-world application.

Post Graduate Program In Data Analytics
14+ industry-relevant projects from the likes of Google, Zomato and IBM and many more

Certification Provided a Career Boost

Completing the course last year marked a significant milestone in my career. It enabled a shift from teaching children to significantly impacting the lives of adults through my work at the Department of Rehabilitation. The skills and confidence I gained from the course were instrumental in securing the Director for Africa position at Gatherverse. Furthermore, the recognition from “Black Entrepreneurial Magazine” in February 2023 highlighted the impact of this transition, underscoring the course’s value in my professional evolution.


Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program In Data Analytics was more than just an educational pursuit; it was a catalyst for profound professional and personal growth. This program equipped me with the technical skills and confidence necessary to navigate the complexities of the digital world, from enhancing my role in the government to expanding Gatherverse’s reach across Africa. My journey with Simplilearn has reinforced my commitment to continuous learning and has empowered me to contribute more effectively to the technological and social advancements in my community.