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Upskilling for a Career Transition to Data Science

 Ankit Dongare

Ankit Dongare

3+ years

Senior Operation Executive

Senior Operation Executive


Data Analyst

Data Analyst

Duxes Labs

I am from Kolhapur, Maharashtra, and am currently based out of Bangalore. I work with Duxes Labs as a Data Analyst. Coming from a Mechanical Engineering background, it was difficult to get a job in the IT field, so I initially took an operations job with Flipkart, where I worked for a year. Later, I became a Senior Operations Executive at Swiggy and worked there for almost two years. I wasn’t satisfied with my career growth or salary, though, so I decided to switch fields. I wanted to work in Data Science.

I searched online, found Simplilearn, and enrolled in their Data Analyst Master’s program. I felt Simplilearn’s curriculum was best suited for my needs. I liked that it was co-developed with IBM. The pricing of the course was less than the competitors, and the course covered more content. As a working professional, I was able to take evening classes and study on weekends and weekdays after work hours. The course also had good ratings. All of this helped me make the decision to enroll.

The instructors were great and made the course very interesting. The classes were interactive, which made the learning process smooth. I received constant guidance for projects. In addition to teaching technical content, the course helped me in my personal growth by helping me develop my communications skills. If I had questions or doubts, they were always cleared up in class.

After finishing the course, I left Swiggy and actively looked for a job in Data Science. After two months and several interviews, I finally got hired by Duxes Labs as a Data Analyst, with a salary hike of 65 percent. I feel that Simplilearn’s certification played a key role in my getting the job. I am thankful to Simplilearn for helping me accelerate my career transition and training me on essential Data Science skills.

Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics
In collaboration with Carlson School of Management

Long term, I plan to gain more knowledge and experience in Data Science and continue working as a data scientist. My advice to other aspiring data scientists is that upskilling at the right time can help you make a successful career transition, even if your current field is not technical. The right step at the right time can open many doors to success!

When I read negative reviews about Simplilearn on some platforms, I thought…

Upon reading some simplilearn negative reviews on some platforms, I did more research about the content quality and placement statistics of the course. Although many folks were saying that simplilearn is fake, I realized soon that it was not. During my research, I personally liked the course content and the instructor’s profile. Then, the course was backed by IBM and program modules were mapped to industry requirements. When I even spoke with some friends who had done Simplilearn certifications, they all vouched for its benefits and great support. So, I decided to go for the certification.

Why did I doubt the Simplilearn course before taking it?

When I enrolled in the Data Analyst Master’s program at Simplilearn, I felt that the curriculum was best suited for my needs. It was that it was co-developed with IBM and the pricing was less than the competitors. The course content was also more than others. Everything was too good to be true, and I was worried is Simplilearn fake. However, now that I have completed the course successfully, I can’t thank Simplilearn enough. The course boosted my communications skill, and it, along with the certification, played a key role in my career growth.