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Upskilling Helped Me Get a 100% Salary Hike

Jayapal Sadasivan

Jayapal Sadasivan

3+ years

Data Science Engineer

Data Science Engineer

VuNet Systems

Data Scientist

Data Scientist

Ford Motor Company

As documented by Jayapal Sadasivan 

Having a job that you are interested in and one that keeps you enthusiastic is relatively vital to boost work productivity. I did not realize this not until I lost my will to even continue my job. It had become a repetitive task that I no longer was satisfied with. So, that was the time I felt the need to literally upskill and choose another career path. 

The Journey 

I graduated from KCG College of Technology in Mechanical Engineering in 2016. Currently, I work as a Data Scientist at Ford Motor Company and live in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I started my career by working as a Machine Learning Data Associate at Amazon in 2019. Later in June 2021, I became a Data Science Engineer at VuNet Systems. 

I am skilled in Machine Learning, Statistical Data Analysis, Machine Learning Algorithms, PostgreSQL, Data Analytics, Tableau, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL python, R (Programming Language), and RStudio. While working as a Data Engineer, I developed, built, experimented and maintained databases and large-scale processing systems. 

After nearly working for 4 years in the Machine Learning Data and Data Science Engineer field, I can feel that I am not as passionate as I used to be. As I was not getting any sense of full work satisfaction, I looked for other career opportunities. I am aware that Data Science is a thriving domain with plenty of work opportunities, so I wanted to move my career into the Data Science domain. 

The Simplilearn Course 

I enrolled in the Data Scientist Masters Program offered by Simplilearn to upgrade myself and learn new skills. I also completed Machine Learning Advanced Training and Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate courses to upskill myself. 

Simplilearn’s Data Scientist course was a huge help for me in acquiring the required knowledge and skills, including Data Visualization, Statistical analysis and computing, Processing large data sets, SQL, etc. As my previous career was related to Data Engineering and Machine Learning, it has become easy for me to finish this course.

Post Graduate Program In Data Science
25+ industry-relevant projects from the likes of Amazon, Walmart, Uber, and Mercedes Benz.

The Result 

Starting my career in Data Science turned out to be one of the best choices I made. Though I was not hired immediately as a Data Scientist, I worked as a Data Science Engineer at VuNet Systems for about 10 months. Later, I was hired as a Data Scientist at Ford Motor Company with a significant increment in my salary. 

After thorough searching, I picked Simplilearn online platform to upskill myself, which helped me a lot in my career growth. The industry professionals give insights and in-depth information about the Data Science field. In addition, they also offer different case studies of various industries and institutions. 

Since I was working at my previous job, the live and recorded lectures of the course helped me upskill myself. With that, it became possible for me to attend and listen to classes during my free time. 

For improving your career and reaching greater heights, upskilling is the ideal choice. Simplilearn is definitely the best bet for a career change to Data Science. Furthermore, many of my friends are choosing Simplilearn to upskill themselves. 

A Word From Simplilearn 

The Data Scientist Masters Program offered by Simplilearn is an incredible course for people planning to change their careers into the data industry. After the completion of this course, you will become highly skilled in R, Python, Tableau, Machine Learning, Hadoop, and Spark. 

With this course, you can learn about core data science tools and technologies. Moreover, this Data Science course contains distinctive hackathons, masterclasses, webinars, and query sessions. So, data enthusiasts can learn theoretical concepts along with real-life applications. 

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