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Upskilling Can Improve Team Leadership

Samira Hosseini

Samira Hosseini

4+ years



University of Malaya

Director of Writing Lab & Professor

Director of Writing Lab & Professor

Tecnológico de Monterrey

As documented by Samira Hosseini

I was born and raised in Iran, earned my bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees in Malaysia, and now am a director and research professor at the Tecnológico de Monterrey University in Mexico. My wide travels, education, and training brought me to a prestigious position leading a team of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) experts. Our university team is training more than 11,000 faculty nationwide in AI and ML research.

However, my ­­­education background is founded in physics, chemistry, and medicine. As a physicist and chemist, I have worked in chemical engineering, and I am actively developing bio-sensors for the early diagnosis of infectious diseases. 

Our team is active in the educational field, but I believe that raising my understanding of AI and ML would give me the confidence to be a more successful leader. I resolved to learn AI and ML skills.

I enrolled in the Caltech Data Science Bootcamp with Simplilearn. I found that the knowledge and discipline the course offers provide an excellent interface between what my team does, which is in the education field, and what I can do in the healthcare and medicine fields. It is empowering to be able to guide my team and express my opinion. 

My education with Simplilearn thus far has been rewarding, and I have especially enjoyed working with my ML instructor, Mr. Amit. This experience has inspired me to start and edit an international journal on AI and ML.

The Value of Upskilling 

The knowledge I gained from Caltech Data Science Bootcamp is a game-changer for me. I wanted to learn statistics and the types of analysis we can perform with data-generated insights.

Also, in my area of education, there is a considerable emphasis on upskilling the workforce to remain job-relevant. We are writing a lot of thought leadership materials and articles highlighting the importance of upskilling. I am even involved in a project with many Inter-American development organizations, where they commission us to upskill the southern part of Mexico.

Using Time Management 

Finding the time to study was a big challenge for me, but I managed somehow. This last semester, I had to adjust by taking weekend classes. I look forward to completing the final stage of the course, which is Tableau, Power BI, and the capstone project.

Caltech Data Science Bootcamp
25+ hands-on projects across industry verticals with integrated labs

Putting New Skills into Practice

It is rewarding to understand what my team is saying after all these years; now, I can join conversations and present my opinions. There was a time when I was just not able to.

I also developed the confidence to be a successful leader. I don’t have to know everything my team knows because I hire them because of their expertise. Still, it was important and empowering to grow my knowledge in their field. Also, in my role as a professor, I try to include a bit of machine learning in every review project we conduct. I am using the knowledge to predict the outcomes and develop algorithms, so it’s cool to implement my knowledge practically.

Looking To Long-Term Goals

I have a vision to get involved in think tanks or acquire a position in UNESCO, the United Nations, or UNICEF. I think the knowledge I am gaining from Simplilearn will come in handy in reaching my goal.

I want to get involved in policymaking, which would be a career transition, but that is the direction I would love to take.

Simplilearn Feedback: Stay Current with AI and ML Skills 

Those who want to succeed in the growing field of new commercial technology can gain a competitive leap by taking Simplilearn’s Caltech Data Science Bootcamp. This flexible online course provides a terrific grasp of AI-based technologies such as machine learning, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Python, and other tools. Take a tip from other leaders in the field and get upskilled today.