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Upskilling Was a Game Changer for Me

Yashu Rastogi

Yashu Rastogi

2+ years

Data Analyst intern

Data Analyst intern

The Sparks Foundation

Data Analyst

Data Analyst


As documented by Yashu Rastogi

It is no longer a secret that understanding data analytics provides you with an enviable talent in today’s business. But it is not only a professional benefit. Have you ever considered how cricket analysis and graphs about a team or a player’s performance or audience votes are carried out? No, right? I was at your place, too, until I thought of making a career in Data Science to know the ins and outs of it and how the system works.

The Journey

I’m a young professional from Fatehpur living in New Delhi with my mother and elder brother. I did my MBA in Marketing and Human Resources from IPS Business School, Jaipur, in 2021. However, being an MBA in Marketing and HR, I needed to upskill myself in data analytics to pursue it as a career path. I’m currently working as a full-time Data Analyst at one of the leading multinational companies. In my work life of 2 years, I’ve worked for several companies as a Data Analyst. 

I’m highly encouraged and motivated towards Data. Data Visualisation, Data Cleaning, and Data Analysis are some of my abilities in Python, and R. My MBA with Marketing and Human Resources abilities allow me to engage with individuals and learn about their market perspectives, thanks to my decision to upskill myself with a Data Analytics course. And, let me tell you, my life changed after that.

The Simplilearn Course

I am a great admirer of cricket. Yet the analytical graphs about a player’s or team’s performance, audience votes, and so on piqued my interest more than the game itself. At that point, I chose to pursue a career in data science, and because my MBA was in Marketing and Human Resources, I required another learning platform to grasp Data Science. As a result, I decided to advance my data science career by enrolling in Simplilearn’s Data Analyst Master’s Program.

I rate the teaching staff, facility, and material at Simplilearn 12/10. They are extraordinary. One of my tutors was Mr Sudhanshu Saxena, who was very experienced. He even represented India at a global summit. The recorded sessions are the best part of the platform. After each class, a query session was conducted, and it was very helpful in clearing all the doubts. Also, the recorded sessions and query sessions are of great help to a learner.

The Result

After completing the Simplilearn Data Analyst Master’s Program, I landed my first-ever job as a data analyst at UST Global. However, due to a family urgency, I had to drop that job soon. But the knowledge gained and skills developed during my upskilling journey with Simplilearn helped me land my current job with a 35% salary hike. I have been a professional data analyst for around two years with various organisations. Currently, I am working for a Sweden-based multinational corporation as an IT Analyst, a job I landed after completing the Masters in Data Analytics course from Simplilearn.

I can perform my duties efficiently, all thanks to Simplilearn. I use most of what I learnt in my day-to-day work. This course marks the beginning of my upskilling journey, and I look forward to learning more as my career progresses. In the future, I plan to work as a data scientist and continue to learn new skills. My future objectives will alter as I advance, but I want to be a data scientist.

My sole piece of advice to somebody starting a career is never to give up hope; things will always fall into place. Maintain high performance and arduous effort, and everything will fall into place at the proper moment.

Post Graduate Program In Business Analytics
12+ hands-on projects aligned to various industry verticals

Simplilearn’s Masters in Data Analytics – A Brief about the Course

Simplilearn’s Masters in Data Analytics course is an online program designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of data analytics concepts, tools, and techniques. Simplilearn’s Masters in Data Analytics course covers a wide range of subjects related to data analytics. Some of the key topics covered in the course include:

  • Introduction to Data Analytics
  • Statistics for Data Science
  • Python for Data Science
  • Data Wrangling with Python
  • Data Visualization with Python
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning with Python
  • Big Data and Hadoop
  • Data Mining
  •  Deep Learning with TensorFlow
  •  Natural Language Processing
  •  Tableau for Data Visualization
  •  SAS Programming
  • Microsoft Excel for Data Analytics

In addition to these topics, the course also covers various aspects of data analytics, such as data preprocessing, feature engineering, model evaluation, and model deployment. The curriculum is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of data analytics techniques and their applications in real-world scenarios. 

The program is designed for professionals looking to advance their careers in data analytics or for those looking to transition to a career in data analytics. The course is delivered entirely online, allowing students to learn at their own pace and on their schedule.

The program includes live instructor-led sessions, self-paced video content, hands-on projects, and real-world case studies. Students will work on projects using tools like Excel, Python, R, Tableau, and SQL to gain practical experience with data analysis.

Upon completion of the program, students will earn a Master’s certificate in Data Analytics from Simplilearn, which can help them advance their careers in data analytics. Additionally, Simplilearn offers career assistance to help students find job opportunities in data analytics after completing the program.

Simplilearn’s Masters in Data Analytics course is a comprehensive program that provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in data analytics.

After completing a Master’s in Data Analytics program, there are various job opportunities available in the field of data analytics. Some of the popular roles that you can consider include:

  • Data Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Data Visualisation Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Quantitative Analyst

Course Duration: 11 months

A Word from Simplilearn

Simplilearn’s Data Analyst Master’s Program will make you a data analytics specialist. In this course, you’ll learn about the most recent analytics tools and methodologies, how to deal with SQL databases and Python and R programming languages, create data visualisations, and leverage predictive analytics and statistics in a corporate setting. 

It also includes master workshops and an applied learning style based on real-life projects and corporate case studies. Simply put, you’ll be industry-ready for top-tier data analyst job roles.

So, why are you waiting? Enrol in this program to open up a range of job opportunities in the field of Data Analytics and Data Science!