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A Massive 100% Salary Hike

Picture of Sunaid Ahmed Detho

Sunaid Ahmed Detho

4+ years

Picture of Team Lead Server Managemet

Team Lead Server Managemet

Technado (Pvt) Ltd

Picture of DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer

Salsoft Technologies (Pvt) Ltd

As documented by Sunaid Ahmed Detho 

I pursued the Simplilearn DevOps Architect Masters Program intending to change my career domain to DevOps. After completing the program, I landed a new job with a huge 100% salary increment!

My Career Journey So Far

I completed my graduation from Sindh Agricultural University Tandojam in 2014. I started working at Techando Pvt Ltd as Server Management Team Lead. Soon after, I wanted to enhance my knowledge of DevOps technology to change my career path. So, I took the DevOps Architect Master Program from Simplilearn, and I am currently working as a DevOps Engineer at Salsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd.

The Challenge

After working for a few years in the IT industry, I realized that my interest lies in the field of DevOps. Therefore, I wanted to enhance my knowledge to change my career path. So, I opted for the DevOps Architect Masters Program from Simplilearn. 

The Simplilearn Solution

The course provided a comprehensive curriculum that developed my understanding from scratch of DevOps from beginner to advanced level. The best industry experts helped me understand the concepts and modules with ease. The course provided me with a flexible schedule, because of which I was able to study as well as manage my full-time work. The flexibility of the program helped me complete the course whenever I had time available according to my pace. The Simplilearn customer care support helped me throughout the program wherever I needed help.

Post Graduate Program In DevOps
20+ real-life projects on integrated labs

The Simplilearn Impact

I completed the program in April 2020, and in October 2020, I changed my domain to Devops Engineer. 

After completing the course, I was hired by Salsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd with a 100% increment in my salary. And now, I am working with Shot Technologies as a DevOps Engineer Visitor and Freelance Consultant with CPI Trade Media UAE.

My learning journey with Simplilearn was great. I recommend Simplilearn to everyone who wants to upskill and grow professionally in their career.

A Word From Simplilearn 

Our DevOps Architect Masters Program is designed to equip you with the necessary skills to pursue a successful, high-paying career in DevOps. This program will teach you configuration management automation, the principles of continuous development and deployment, inter-team collaboration, and more using several DevOps tools such as Git, Jenkins, Docker, and many more.

You will learn to manage the entire software development lifecycle, including code releases, CI/CD pipeline implementation, automation, and problem-solving during the development, deployment, and maintenance phases. The program includes a Capstone Project in three domains and over seven real-life projects, providing students with practical experience and exposure to the latest industry trends.

Upon completing the program, you will receive a master’s certification, demonstrating your expertise in DevOps architecture. This industry-recognized certification provides students with a competitive advantage in the job market, opening up numerous opportunities for career advancement.