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A Passion for Learning Leads to Career Success

Dinko Dinev

Dinko Dinev

14+ years

ITSM Technical Consultant

ITSM Technical Consultant

Do IT Wise

Solution Architect

Solution Architect

Birkle IT

As documented by Dinko Dinev

I became associated with Simplilearn in 2014, when I enrolled in my first set of courses. I have a passion for learning new things and collecting certifications. Over the years, I have taken courses in PMP®, PRINCE2®, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, and DevOps. In 2021, Simplilearn’s DevOps course helped me land my new job as a solution architect and ServiceNow consultant at birkle IT in Munich, Germany. With it came a 100 percent salary hike. I give full credit to Simplilearn. The most recent course I completed was Simplilearn’s Professional Blockchain Certification Program from IIT Kanpur.

I took the course in Blockchain because the technology resolves an old problem of slow and insecure online payments. Using Blockchain also eliminates overburdens on the process in an exquisite way. I recently put my new Blockchain certification from Simplilearn on my Linkedin profile, and it is gaining a lot of attention. Simplilearn’s courses are comprehensive, to the point, and accessible. Over the years, I have taken 11 courses from Simplilearn, completing four or five so far, and I am finishing the remaining courses.

Upskilling for the sake of knowledge

Upskilling is my passion. I like to learn new things and collect certifications. My motive behind upskilling was not to get a new job, but to learn new skills. People ask me why I keep taking so many courses, and I simply reply that I do it for personal growth. When you upskill, you open yourself to new experiences. You talk to other people from different backgrounds, and it teaches you a lot. I started my career as a business analyst, then moved to service management and IT. My experience has taught me that it is essential to keep learning new things to keep growing. 

During the pandemic, we were all working from home, and I wanted to make good use of my time. So, last year, I worked on getting a certification in DevOps from Simplilearn, which I received in November 2021. I am interested in learning new technologies, so I enrolled in Simplilearn’s Professional Blockchain Certification Program from IIT Kanpur.

Post Graduate Program In DevOps
8X higher interaction in live online classes conducted by industry experts

Simplilearn delivers value for the money

I find Simplilearn’s courses to be excellent and a solid value for the money. Also, I could take so many courses while working because of Simplilearn’s flexibility. I enjoyed the live classes and learning with people from different backgrounds. Simplilearn’s customer support is a great feature, as well. 

Certifications can boost your career

I aim to upskill myself, not necessarily to get a new job or promotion. I took my first course to perform better at my service management job, which helped considerably, and I received new responsibilities and projects. 

I took Simplilearn’s DevOps course last year, which helped me land my current job at birkle IT. I moved from Bulgaria to Germany, where the company is based.