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Creating an Opportunity for Career Growth without Switching Companies

Manuel Canelon

Manuel Canelon

4+ years

Prodview Implementation Specialist

Prodview Implementation Specialist


Prodview Infrastructure Specialist

Prodview Infrastructure Specialist


As documented by Manuel Canelon

Since the start of my career, my goal has always been to strive for new heights by gradually elevating my position while also increasing my income. I’m willing to put in the extra work needed and acquire new skills in order to reach my destination.  

I’m a mechanical engineering graduate and have worked with Peloton (a leading, Canadian-based oil and gas software company) for over four years. In 2020, after working there for two years, I became aware that the company was starting the hiring process for a new infrastructure team in the DevOps Infrastructure group. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to advance in my career.

At that time, I was working as an implementation specialist for ProdView, the company’s production data lifecycle solution. I wanted a new position and believed that joining the new DevOps infrastructure group would mean a promotion and salary increase. It also meant working with a new team, which was exciting, too. My colleagues advised me to take a course in DevOps before applying for the position. So, I decided to upskill myself. 

Interestingly, my brother was also looking to upskill at the same time. We agreed to complete Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program (PGP) in DevOps together. After the course, we were both promoted at our respective companies. My new title at Peloton is ProdView Infrastructure Specialist. Even more, I received a 21 percent salary increase in November 2021. 

My personal experience with the DevOps program was amazing. I really enjoyed the courses, the faculty was top-notch, and the collaboration with a prestigious institution like Caltech CTME gave me confidence that my certification would be well respected. I particularly enjoyed the hands-on Docker certification training. I learned so many core technologies that have been useful in my new role.

Post Graduate Program in DevOps
Master classes taught by Caltech CTME instructor

Turning Ambition Into Action with a Certification Program

I’ve always been eager to continue learning and growing. Even during my time at the University of Calgary, I gained hands-on experience while working as a mechanical engineering intern at Keywest Projects for about a year. As I was finishing the courses for my bachelor’s degree, I decided to get my certification from The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta. I wanted to give myself the best shot at securing a good job in my field after graduating.

And when I began feeling somewhat stagnant in my first position at Peloton and felt ready to take on more responsibilities, I chose to upskill with Simplilearn.

After completing the course, I immediately added the certification to my resume and my LinkedIn profile. I applied for the position in the Infrastructure department and I received positive results very soon after. The manager from the ProdView infrastructure team offered me the new position on the DevOps team. Soon after we completed our training my brother, got a promotion at his company as well. 

I was extremely proud of myself. Although it was difficult having to work and take classes in the morning on weekdays, and on weekends, my passionate work ethic and keen sense to continue gaining knowledge continue to pay off for me. 

Make Upskilling a Priority to Keep Moving in Your Career

I always knew I had the potential for a great career and continuous growth in my industry. I just needed the right skills and instruction to take me to that next level. If your career isn’t moving in the right direction, don’t be discouraged. Get certified. Simplilearn has lots of great programs and they work with top universities to make sure students get what they need to move forward immediately. Whatever your work schedule or stage in your career, they have something to make upskilling fit your life. I’m glad I chose them to help me reach new heights in my career.

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