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Keeping Up with a Constantly Changing IT Scene

Mohamed Hamed

Mohamed Hamed

6+ years

Security Engineer

Security Engineer

First Shields

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer


A Tech-Based Background

As documented by Mohamed Hamed

I am a computer professional with over a decade of experience in the field. My daily work responsibilities have me developing and executing IT strategies aligned with corporate objectives. I’ve also had leadership experience. I was working as a CTO with First Shields when I realized that the IT world was undergoing constant, rapid change, and I had to keep up with these changes if I wanted my career to continue to flourish. I was also interested in improving my compensation; keeping pace with technology would aid my cause. Additionally, since my position required me to guide newly hired IT specialists, I had to ensure my current knowledge base. Unfortunately, my senior position made it difficult to take time off to pursue new learning.

Post Graduate Program In DevOps
20+ real-life projects on integrated labs

How Simplilearn Made Upskilling Easy and Painless

I researched and found Simplilearn’s DevOps Engineer Master’s program to be the most comprehensive one. So, in December 2020, I joined Simplilearn’s course. My overall experience with Simplilearn has been more than excellent. Since I was working at such a senior level, it was difficult for me to take out time to study. This was when Simplilearn’s flexibility came into play. Thanks to the blended sessions, I could study at my own pace. Also, I watched self-learning videos whenever I had the time.

The course was extremely helpful. I learned new technologies that helped me manage things better at my job. I even got what I was ultimately looking for — a new job with a very good salary hike. I joined TRUCOD as CTO soon after I took the course, and the position came with a 50 percent salary increase!

Success Through Training

So, to sum it up, Simplilearn gave me the skills I needed to stay current with our ever-evolving IT world and provided me with the chance to get a better-paying job and put me in a more satisfactory position.