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Unlock Career and Earning Potential With DevOps Engineering

Anisha Joseph

Anisha Joseph

7+ years

Project Engineer

Project Engineer

Reecco Energy India Pvt. Ltd

DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer


As documented by Anisha Joseph.

I’m a native of Kerala, India. After obtaining a BTech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, I began working as a junior engineer. However, I eventually reached a point of stagnation. I found myself in a position where there was not much to explore and learning was limited. I wanted to enroll in a certification program and make a career transition, but I needed courses that would complement my full-time work schedule.

After some research, I chose to upskill with Simplilearn’s DevOps Engineer Masters’ Program. I had many questions, but the responses from the team were very prompt and helped me understand the platform. I gained confidence that completing this course would help me pursue my dream career.

Simplilearn Support and Career Service Success

I think the best part was how easy it was to manage time. The instructors taught in a way that all learners, new and experienced, were able to follow the content with ease. Since there is an option to choose weekend classes, it did not disturb my workflow during the week at all.

During the course of the program we completed real-world project scenarios that provided hands-on experience working with media companies, libraries, and corporations such as Oscrop and Amazon. We gained experience delivering outcomes while building skills, working with aspects of JavaSQL script, DAO implementation, Git clone, and more.

Post Graduate Program In DevOps
20+ hands-on projects across industry verticals with integrated labs

Initially, I thought that I would not be able to complete the course, but the quality of the content was great and the instructors were very professional and experienced. Any time I got stuck on a project or module there was always someone to guide me in the right direction.

Simplilearn’s Career Service program also enables students to navigate career advances and changes with confidence. It was my dream to get a job as a DevOps engineer and thanks to Simplilearn, I was able to achieve that goal, with a good salary hike.

If you have the determination and proper guidance, a career transition at any time is possible. The wonderful part about upskilling is that it is never too late to start. It does not matter where you are in your career because upskilling cannot be locked down. Ambition cannot be locked down, like Simplilearn says!