A DevOps Engineers’ function is vital in today’s rapidly growing and evolving field of software development. As a DevOps Engineer, the primary objective is to cultivate the relationship between the development and the operations team — ensuring that issues are resolved in a timely manner during development, deployment, or maintenance phases. They manage the lifecycle of an organization’s software advancement, supporting the implementation of the CI/CD pipeline, automation, and code releases. 

Post Graduate Program in DevOps

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Post Graduate Program in DevOps

When Anisha Joseph, a native of Kerala, India, decided to advance her career, she chose the DevOps Engineer Masters’ Program from Simplilearn.  

 “I reached a saturation point in my career, and I found myself in a position where there was not much to explore and therefore learning was limited,” she said. “I really wanted a career transition and I felt that if I upskilled by taking a DevOps course, I would be able to contribute much more to my work.”

As companies reimagine and invest in the growing demands for IT professionals, the need for qualified DevOps Engineers has risen substantially.  Although Anisha began working as a junior engineer after she obtained the BTech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, she eventually reached a point of stagnation. She wanted to explore certification programs to advance her career, but she needed a program that would complement her full-time work schedule.   

“I was already looking for a certification program that I could do online and once we went into lockdown…I invested more time to continue the search and that is how I found Simplilearn. I really wanted a career transition, but I knew that it would not be easy.” 

After investigating and finding an abundance of online courses, Anisha eventually chose to upskill using Simplilearn. The added value, knowledge, and support from staff that assisted Anisha with understanding the platform also encouraged her to select Simplilearn. “I had so many questions because doing this Master’s course was quite an investment but the response from the team was very prompt and very soon I was able to gain confidence that doing this course will help me pursue my dream career.”

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Benefits and Application of the Online Classroom

The benefits of Simplilearn’s DevOps Engineer program continue beyond the classroom, positively impacting graduates professionally. Its Career Service program also enables students like Anisha to navigate career advances and changes with confidence.

“I think the best part is how easy it was to manage time. The instructors made sure that they taught in such a way that all learners, experienced and freshers, were able to follow the content with ease. Since there is the option to choose the weekend batch, it did not disturb my workflow during the week at all. It was my dream to get a job as a DevOps engineer and thanks to Simplilearn, I was able to achieve that goal with a good salary hike.

During the course of the program students complete real-world project scenarios that provide them with hands-on experience working with media companies, libraries, and corporations such as Oscrop and Amazon. Throughout the program, students gain experience delivering outcomes while building skills working with aspects of Java, SQL script, DAO implementation, Git clone, and more, before moving into the new line of work.

“Initially, when I started the course I thought that I would not be able to complete it but….the quality of the content was great and the instructors were very professional and experienced. So, any time I got stuck on a project or a module there was always someone there to guide me in the right direction.” 

At some point most people plateau in their careers and when that happens it is important to decide to move ahead with sheer resilience. Anisha did just that; she decided to invest in learning and take back control.

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“If you have the determination and proper guidance, a career transition at any time is possible. The wonderful part about upskilling is that it is never too late to start. So it does not matter where you are in your career because upskilling cannot be locked down. Ambition cannot be locked down.”

With the DevOps Engineer Master’s Program provides access to over 120 online classes taught

by experts in the field and is perfect for all working professionals. If you’re considering upskilling with a program in data analytics, learn more about our course details, advisors, and trainers, and check out other student reviews to find out if our program is the right fit for you.

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