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My Path to Achieving a New and Exciting Job Role

Srinath V

Srinath V

9+ years

Sr. Business Analyst

Sr. Business Analyst


Sr. Product Manager

Sr. Product Manager


As documented by Srinath V 

I always strive to improve my skills to remain relevant and valuable to my organization. Upgrading myself according to technological advancements is one aspect of this. I wanted to join the product owner role to accomplish more challenging tasks and increase my worth and get promotions.

My Journey

I started my career with TCS, and later I shifted to Cognizant. Here I was a part of the Business Development Group. After working at Cognizant for four years, I felt the need to change my domain to a Product Owner role. For this, I decided to pursue CSPO certification from Simplilearn to gain knowledge on the Product Owner profile and the Agile concepts. Eventually, I got an offer for the PO’e position at Cognizant, which helped me gain recognition.

The Challenges I was Facing

I loved working as a business analyst at Cognizant. All the projects were interesting, and the pay was also good. However, I always felt something was missing. At the same time, product management kept attracting me. Therefore, I wanted to learn more about working in this domain. The best way to shift to this area was to earn a professional certification so I could demonstrate the skills and earn the trust of my seniors in Cognizant. Therefore, I decided to upskill myself with the CSPO offered by Simplilearn.

Simplilearn Solution

The Simplilearn course helped me realise my dream of working as a product manager at Cognizant. The instructors of this course explained every topic and its principles very clearly, and their guidance helped me understand what are the responsibilities and roles of a product manager. This was possible because they knew what challenges a product manager had to face and accordingly provided tried and tested solutions.

Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO)
Earn PSPO certification for project success, cross-industry career paths, and Scrum skills with 16 SEUs.

The Impact of Simplilearn Certification

Before getting CSPO certification, I was working as a Senior Business Analyst at cognizant. However, once I earned this certificate and informed my seniors about it, they offered me the position of product manager. This helped me get into a domain that I always wanted to work in. not just this, I even got a salary increment of 5%. This way earning the CSPO professional certificate proved to be fruitful to me in every manner. Today I feel very happy and fulfilled executing my everyday task working in this position.

A Word From Simplilearn

Simplilearn’s CSPO is a professional certification program that helps you learn the ways to improve product value by increasing the speed of delivery of the product’s features, communicating what you want from a product, leading scrum teams, and enhancing the project’s ROI. It is the best course if you want to pursue a career in the product management domain. 

To join this course, you need to have an undergraduate degree or even a high school diploma. By satisfying these requirements, you can easily enrol in this course and earn the certification.

Skill Covered

  • Scrum and Agile framework
  • Release management
  • Leadership skills to manage agile teams

The value of a CSPO certification is increasing rapidly, and Fortune 500 companies are continuously hiring professionals with proven skill sets. This trend is expected to rise further.