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From Senior Manager to Founder & CEO with AI for Decision Making

Picture of Tushar Shirsat

Tushar Shirsat

15+ years

Picture of Senior Manager

Senior Manager

Tata Motors

Picture of Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO

Infinity Ai

As documented by Tushar Shirsat

I wanted to become an entrepreneur but I wanted to do it the right way, my way. Now, with Infinty Ai, I feel that I’ve finally achieved my life-long dream of entrepreneurship. Simplilearn has definitely been a huge help to get me started on this exciting journey.

The Journey

I’ve spent over 16+yrs in the automotive space, working at various levels in different companies.  I worked with the likes of Mahindra & Mahindra, Tata Motors, etc. My last transition was from being a Deputy Manager Research & Development at Mahindra to Tata Motors where as a Senior Manager where I worked for over six and a half years.

The potential for AI in business strategy and support is definitely a growing sector and I knew that I wanted to do something of my own in this space. However, I felt like I needed to learn a bit more to understand my company’s niche.

The Challenge

With this much potential in AI, I started looking for ideas that would offer a whole playground where I could create a unique offering for my customers. I already loved learning about new technologies in my spare time and I decided that I needed to now learn more from experts, this is what drove me to taking a course to help upskill myself so that I would understand my customers better.

MS in Artificial Intelligence
Dual degree with London South Bank University

Simplilearn Solution

After extensive research, I came across Simplilearn’s AI For Decision Making: Business Strategies And Applications. This offered the right blend of understanding AI and how it can be used to improve my business. 

I chose this program as I felt the need to start out on my own.  I enjoyed the course. The faculty as amazing. It was an awesome experience with respect to the content and syllabus, very easy to understand the flow from experts. I have always been very keen on learning Ai for business strategy and support . The course curriculum was comprehensive, and the knowledge provided was great. It clicked all the right boxes for me!

The Result

With the knowledge garnered from the course, I finally felt like I had the knowledge and confidence to start my own business, Infinity Ai. Now, as the Founder and CEO of Infinity Ai, I hope to make this Ai startup a top product and solutions provider in India and globally. My vast experience with various organizations and my learning of new skills and technologies will hopefully help me attain the same.