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From Netflix and Tesla to Siri – AI is used across platforms and applications that are transforming lives at large. Join the most trending career space, and gain a unique competitive advantage with industry-specific training conducted in the most hands-on way. Know how it’s done by reading these reviews from our past learners – working on real projects in integrated labs, learning the tools and strategies by actual AI practioners who bring important insights to the classroom that people usually get only after their first job.

Alumni stories

Manojit Majumdar

Picture of Vice President - Channel sales

Vice President - Channel sales

Newgen Software Technologies Limited

Picture of Vice President - Channel sales

Vice President - Channel sales


As documented by Manojit Majumdar

My Journey

I’ve spent over 34 years in sales and eco-system development, which has been quite a ride. I have traveled across 40-plus countries, meeting customers and business partners. I’ve even written about my experience, “Lamb Leading Lions – Why we do not have Google or Microsoft from India,” currently the number one Hot Seller on Amazon.

In my career, I’ve had the opportunity and the pleasure to learn from giants like IBM and also help establish small startups. I’ve lived in various cities in India and in USA, before deciding to come back to India. 

I currently work as a Vice President – Channel Sales in Newgen Software Technologies Limited, Delhi. In my job, I’ve set up a partner network across 70 countries and created the needed systems and processes to identify, skill, and nurture them.


I knew I wanted to learn more about the current hottest technologies in the market – AI and Machine Learning. I wanted to increase my knowledge and understanding of this vast subject, so I opted for Simplilearn’s AI for Decision Making

With dreams of creating my own billion-dollar business, the program created in collaboration with Wharton Online is perfect for helping me gain a competitive edge in emerging business technologies. The esteemed faculty covers a foundational understanding of today’s leading technologies, including big data, AI, and machine learning, and how to use them to support your organization’s strategy. 

This program is the perfect way to understand how AI and ML will affect your business and how you can become an early adopter to help your company get ahead of the competition.

The Simplilearn Experience

My experience with Simplilearn was very good. I think the course material is very thoughtfully designed. The way of explaining was simple and easy to understand. The option to learn based on time available to the student also proved to be very helpful. 

The surprise factor was the additional reference material that they provided during the course. It really was a great help, and the material was very relevant. The simple test was not that simple and really tested my understanding of the subject. 

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn about the latest emerging trends and technologies in AI and ML.

Madhukar Rajendra

Picture of General Manager - Global Treasury & Finance

General Manager - Global Treasury & Finance

Schneider Electric

Picture of General Manager - Analytics & AI

General Manager - Analytics & AI

Schneider Electric

As documented by Madhukar Rajendra

I am Madhukar, a General Manager at Schneider Electric, overseeing AI operations. With over 26 years of experience in the field, I have dedicated my career to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Alongside my professional pursuits, I am also a published author, with my book “Hack the Job” available on various platforms.

Enrollment Decision and Career Goals

As AI continues to revolutionize industries and offer strategic advantages to companies, I recognize the need to deepen my knowledge in this emerging sector. Motivated by the prospect of learning new skills and securing a role that aligns with the evolving landscape, I embarked on a journey to upskill myself in AI, and then I enrolled in AI For Decision Making: Business Strategies And Applications program. My primary goal was to leverage this newfound expertise to secure a position that would expand my professional horizons and enhance my earning potential.

My Experience with Simplilearn

My decision to choose Simplilearn was driven by the comprehensive curriculum it offered. My experience surpassed my expectations. The course content was engaging and covered all the key aspects I aimed to learn. The knowledgeable and cooperative instructors added immense value to the learning process, fostering a conducive environment for growth and development.