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Successfully Upskilled to Change Career Path!

Atharva Shah

Atharva Shah

5+ years



Neuberg Supratech Reference Laboratories

Pursuing Master in Data Science

Pursuing Master in Data Science

Indiana University

As documented by Atharva Shah,

After graduating with a mechanical engineering degree, I realized my interest lies in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Thus, to change my career path, I pursued a Postgraduate Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from Simplilearn. After successfully upskilling, I landed a job as a researcher at Neuberg Supertech Reference Laboratories.

My Professional Journey

I graduated as a mechanical engineer from Nirma University, Ahmedabad. Right after graduation, I completed a course in AI and Machine Learning through Simplilearn and worked as a researcher for two years at Neuberg Supratech Reference Laboratories. To pursue higher studies, I am currently studying for a Master in Data Science from Indiana University.

The Main Challenge

With a keen interest in AI and ML, I started exploring professional courses that would help me change my career domain. I couldn’t think of a better platform than Simplilearn since it offered the most comprehensive AI and ML programme in the market. I signed up for the Postgraduate Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

Professional Certificate Program In AI And Machine Learning
Exclusive hackathons and Ask me Anything sessions by IBM

Simplilearn Solution

I knew I could count on Simplilearn to ensure that it would provide me with a well-designed course to learn from industry experts. The course helped me develop knowledge and understanding of Artificial Intelligence from scratch and enhanced my knowledge in the field from a beginner to an advanced level.

The Simplilearn Impact

Completing the course helped me change my career domain to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Furthermore, the knowledge and skills I gained helped me bag the position of Researcher at Neuberg Supratech Reference Laboratories.  

Out-of-campus jobs are difficult to obtain, especially in a field where expertise matters which is where Simplilearn plugs in by bridging the learning gap and providing professional skills. The Simplilearn customer care team was really quick and efficient with their services. It is a great platform to upskill yourself and achieve greater heights in your career. For me, the Simplilearn course review was extremely positive.

*Disclaimer: Post Graduate Program in AI And Machine Learning has been renamed to Professional Certificate Program in AI And Machine Learning