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Gaining Certification to Tackle the Challenges of Big Data

Asghar Zubair Shah

Asghar Zubair Shah

22+ years

Technology Lead Data Engineer

Technology Lead Data Engineer


Technology Lead Data Engineer

Technology Lead Data Engineer


As documented by Asghar Zubair

I am an IT professional who resides in Ontario, Canada. I have a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the University of Western, as well as 17 years of experience in the IT industry, mainly in SQL servers. I wanted to change my domain to big data for a while now and after a lot of research, I chose Simplilarn’s Post Graduate Program in Data Engineering in association with Purdue University.

The Need to Upskill

When I started a new job as a big data engineer, moving from SQL servers to big data was a big challenge for me. I realized that I need to upgrade my skills in several areas, so I enrolled myself in the Professional Certification Program in Data Engineering in collaboration with Purdue University. 

Career Impact

Before taking this course, I was having a hard time with big data and was facing issues in performing my tasks. Upon course completion, my performance improved and I received a five percent increment in my salary.  I feel that I became well-versed with the big data ins and outs, and this course has tremendously helped me in upgrading my skill sets. 

Post Graduate Program in Data Engineering
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Overall Experience 

The course is very well-laid-out with instructors who are extremely knowledgeable in their fields. The course curriculum is industry-relevant. I can now comfortably deal with my big data projects and successfully lead a team of engineers. Upskilling helped me change my domain and become a certified big data engineer. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in improving their skills in the big data world. 

Long-Term Career Goals 

I would like to become a project manager for a big data project in the coming years. 

Simplilearn Feedback: Explore Your Options in Data Engineering

Our Post Graduate Program in Data Engineering with Purdue University is a specialized program that helps professionals build the skills and knowledge needed to become successful data engineers. It provides a comprehensive curriculum focusing on the fundamentals of data engineering, including big data tools and technologies, distributed systems, query processing, machine learning algorithms, databases, cloud computing platforms, and more.