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There’s a massive demand for professionals who can extract meaningful insights from the vast data companies have. Build your data skills with courses from leading universities, industry partnerships, & job-ready training with real-world datasets. Want to see the results? Here are some reviews by our past learners who’ve made it big.

Alumni stories

Ney Fred Jimenez Campos.

Systems Analyst

Systems Analyst


System Business Analyst

System Business Analyst

Crux Consultores

As documented by Ney Fred Jimenez Campos.

I am Ney Fred Jimenez Campos, a computer science engineer from The University of Costa Rica, residing in Costa Rica. I have primarily been working for the healthcare sector, with companies focused on leveraging technology and medical products to enhance patient care. In addition to my healthcare experience, I have also worked at the Costa Rica Central Bank, where I conducted manual and automated QA testing for automated server deployment.

Enrollment Decision and Career Goals:

Having a keen curiosity and a strong drive to learn, I am always seeking new challenges and opportunities for personal and professional growth. My expertise lies in various areas, including IT, QA testing, databases, process reports, documentation, and industrial processes for creating and streamlining products within workflows.

Presently, I hold the position of a System Business Analyst at GSK, a prominent Pharmaceutical Manufacturing company, specifically in the contract operations department. I secured this position after successfully completing the Professional Certificate Program In Data Engineering from Simplilearn. In my current role, I am responsible for supporting continuous operations by overseeing data creation, reviewing and generating financial, commercial, and customer bill reports, and ensuring smooth business operations.

Furthermore, I actively contribute to maintaining the operational continuity of SAP business applications. I engage in QA activities, participate in SAP system enhancements, and act as a systems analyst liaison between analysts and other business units or clients. Currently, I am also involved in QA efforts related to the migration of SAP to the Azure cloud, conducting comprehensive test cases to ensure seamless processes.

Jorge Mario Guzman Olaya

Program and Channel Partner Manager

Program and Channel Partner Manager

Smiths Detection

Senior Instructor

Senior Instructor

British Digital LLC

As documented by Jorge Mario Guzmán Olaya

I have over 20 years of experience in data management. I first came across Simplilearn’s courses during the pandemic when I wanted to know more about the tech domain and take advantage of the data science boom.

At that time, I was working with Smith’s Detection as a program and channel partner manager. My job was to recruit and maintain relationships with channel partners and to design commercial strategies. While studying channel partners, I handled a lot of data and wanted to find an effective way to streamline my work. Simplilearn’s Big Data Hadoop & Spark Developer online course helped me accomplish that. 

Upskilling is Part of Career Growth

I started upskilling myself 11 years ago and have continually applied the new skills and knowledge acquired to the job. I believe upskilling is necessary to thrive and grow in one’s career. 

I have taken several other courses with Simplilearn, such as Data Science with Python, Data Science with R, ITIL 4, Tableau, and Professional Certificate Program in AI and Machine Learning. My LinkedIn profile gets views, and interviewers are impressed with my resume wherever I apply. Six months after completing Simplilearn’s Big Data Hadoop & Spark Developer in October 2021, I started working as a partner manager with Simetrik, a Colombia-based FinTech start-up.

Applying New Skills

I have been able to apply the knowledge I gained from Simplilearn’s Big Data course at my current job. As a partner manager, I help provide my company with the vision to grow outside the commercial space by recruiting partners in Latin America. This recruiting process requires a lot of data analysis, and I have to see how many companies are willing to become partners and review their numbers. Once I finish recruiting, I will be working to grow the partnership, including working on a lot of data. 

After I took Simplilearn’s Big Data course, I was able to solve a problem for my previous company. We were unsure how to evaluate the performance of channel partners on a year-on-year basis. We had sales data, but it was not a complete picture of the channel partners’ performance.

Asghar Zubair Shah

Technology Lead Data Engineer

Technology Lead Data Engineer


Technology Lead Data Engineer

Technology Lead Data Engineer