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A Smooth Transition Along the Journey

Sanjiv Vishwanathan

Sanjiv Vishwanathan

20+ years

Program Manager Global Analyst Relations

Program Manager Global Analyst Relations


Associate Director Global Analyst Relations

Associate Director Global Analyst Relations


As documented by Sanjiv Vishwanathan

I am an information technology industry professional with an experience of more than 19 years. I have expertise in industry influencer relations, strategic research and intelligence, data analysis, and customer support for large global, mid-sized, and small organisations. I focus on learning and upgrading myself. I like to explore new domains and enhance my skill set to achieve my life goals. Simplilearn has played an essential role in helping me learn a new skill and get closer to my dream. 

The Journey 

I completed my Bachelor of Engineering from Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute Of Technology. I started working as a Services Engineer for Transweigh India Ltd and joined Accenture as a Technical Support Executive. I also worked for Ugam Solutions and Datamatics Global Services. Later I did MBA from SVKM’s Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS). I worked for Capgemini for almost 7 and a half years and switched to become a freelance career coach at Mindler. Currently, I am working as an Associate Director Global Analyst Relations at Virtusa.

The Challenge 

I have been working as a professional in the IT industry for more than 15 years now. I have always wanted to work in the marketing industry. I was not getting any great opportunities to switch my domain. The marketing industry has advanced in the past few years. People are now entering the domain of digital marketing. For a long time, I wanted to change my career path and work only in the marketing sector. From being an IT professional as a Systems Engineer to becoming a marketing professional as an Associate Director Global Analyst Relations, the road has been filled with great experiences and learnings.

Simplilearn Solution

Once I decided to switch my career path, I researched what skills I needed to add to get into digital marketing. After getting an idea about the skills, I researched online courses that can help me gain in-depth knowledge, proper guidance, and a practical understanding of the concepts. I was looking for an elaborate program with all the lessons for the concepts I wanted to learn. I read about Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program In Digital Transformation course on several websites. I contacted Simplilearn customer care service to better understand the course details and more. 

Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program In Digital Transformation is a well-crafted course for every individual who wants to start a career in the digital marketing industry. The course is taught by industry experts, which is a great experience. The curriculum was well-designed and comprehensive. The assignments, videos, Q&A sessions, and digital teaching with various hands-on practicals were quite helpful. The projects and assignments helped me gain exposure to learning a lot of market-relevant execution of various concepts. 

Post Graduate Program In Digital Transformation
IBM masterclasses, AMAs, and course certifications

The Impact 

Switching careers and learning new things after working in the same domain for 15 years is challenging. But, with the help of Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program In Digital Transformation  course, my transition was relatively easy. The course not only sticks to the basics; it also includes a complete elaboration of the tricky and challenging topics. 

The best people in the respective industry held the sessions. Their experiences were quite helpful for me to apply in my career. The faculties made each topic seem very easy. They were readily available if any student was stuck with any problem. Learning from Simplilearn has been a great experience for me. I am glad I chose Simplilearn’s course to start my career in marketing. After completing my course, I got a job offer in my desired domain with a 30% hike in salary. 

A Word From Simplilearn 

If you want to be a marketing expert, Simplilearn has designed the best course for you. Post Graduate Program In Digital Transformation , in collaboration with Purdue University experts. The course includes various tools such as user map journey, innovation framework, prototyping, affinity diagram, and more to help the students get a practical knowledge of marketing. 

Skills Covered

  • Digital Disruption
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Business Model
  • Agile Business Transformation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • People Leadership
  • Digital Marketing
  • Design Thinking

The course has a well-designed curriculum that comprises everything from theoretical classes to hands-on virtual practical lessons. After completing the course, the students will have a comprehensive knowledge of digital marketing.