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Collaborating ideas with expertise in various domains

Shashikant. Y. Patil

Shashikant. Y. Patil

32+ years

Senior Engineering Manager

Senior Engineering Manager

Exterran Enerygy Fze

Director of Engineering

Director of Engineering

Enerflex Ltd

As documented by Shashikant Patil

Owning 27 years of work experience in Project Engineering Management, Proposal Management, and Project Integration Management, I hold expertise in my field. I have led a team of 100+ multidiscipline engineering individuals, setting goals and objectives, managing OPEX for the engineering department, outsourcing strategy, and developing Engineering Partner Networks across India and the Middle East. Looking for a more challenging work environment, I required an upskill and new job opportunities. I envisioned my future career in the digital transformation domain and started looking to learn in the same.

The Journey

I am a highly accomplished professional with over 27 years in Project Engineering Management, Proposal Management, and Project Integration Management. It includes 15 years of onshore oil and gas and refinery industry experience and nine years of variable engineering experience. I have a very deep interest and experience in the energy sector. 

Upskilling has been my passion for a long-time now. I was looking for new job opportunities in the energy sector when I enrolled on this course. The Digital Transformation and Design Thinking course was the best fit to enhance my knowledge about the growing digital transformation and improve my current performance as an engineering director. 

The Challenge

Working in the same environment hinders professional and personal growth after a certain time. Facing the same, I wanted to expand my knowledge and skills and apply my expertise to a more interesting domain. 

Simplilearn Solution

Post Graduate Digital Transformation Certification from Simplilearn drove the transition into the digital transformation domain. I moved a step ahead in achieving my long-term goal of becoming an energy transition entrepreneur. The detailed insight into the course components helped me choose the precise course. In addition, the Simplilearn glassdoor reviews and ratings, along with Simplilearn feedback, encouraged my decision.

Professional Certificate Program In Digital Transformation
Real-world capstone projects and mentoring by experts from KPMG

The Impact

After completing this certification, I transitioned into a new domain completely different from my engineering background. I witnessed my transition from an engineer to a digital transformation and design thinking professional. Now, I can amalgamate the knowledge and skills from engineering, digital transformation and design thinking to deliver more promising energy solutions. In addition, I can further collaborate my knowledge to devise more meaningful strategies and solutions to energy problems.

It was a very rewarding learning experience with this course, and the comprehensive curriculum forms the best part of it. I thoroughly enjoyed the case studies as a part of the live interaction in classes and wished that the entire course was conducted that way. My experience with the team Simplilearn, their professionals, and their course structure make me recommend this course to everyone searching for quality.

A Word From Simplilearn

Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Digital Transformation Certification, in association with Purdue University, is a hub for teaching leadership skills and witnessing digital business transformation.

*Disclaimer: Post Graduate Program in Digital Transformation has been renamed to Professional Certificate Program in Digital Transformation