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A Bold Leap from Aspirations to Action

Saurav Goel

Saurav Goel

9+ years




Senior Manager

Senior Manager


As documented by Saurav Goel.

For me having clear career goals has always been important. It helps me understand what I need to aim for and how my journey is going to start. I always found Analytics fascinating, things you can do with data is amazing. My journey isn’t a traditional one at all.

While working at Accenture, I wanted to try for a role in analytics, but I didn’t have the heart to pursue my dreams because I didn’t have the necessary background. My amazing managers at my company encouraged me to take courses and acquire new marketable skills.

After extensive research and comparing different learning options, I found Simplilearn which offered courses that were more comprehensive, had a great variety of offerings and had an easier learning path. Plus, Simplilearn also offered the online flexibility I needed for his current work schedule.

So, I took the leap towards my new career goals and enrolled in Simplilearn’s Business Analyst Certification online course. While other Simplilearn courses were also enticing, such as data science with RPython, and SAS, I decided it would be better to get started with the Business Analytics Expert course first.

The course was truly magnificent. The content, study material, and the videos are outstanding. If someone wants to get into analytics, this is a great course to take and acquire the required skills. I would definitely recommend this course and Simplilearn.

Professional Certificate Program In Business Analysis
Earn 35 PDs/CDUs from IIBA

Simplilearn’s Ease and Flexibility

While I was a little hesitant about taking an online course since it was a new experience, I found it easy to manage and even easier to learn. I also enjoyed the flexibility Simplilearn offered when life interjected, and I had to delay my studies for other priorities.Due to some personal reasons, I was not able to continue the course for three months. But I was able to talk it over with Simplilearn’s support team and was given the extension. It is the main reason I was able to complete the course.I loved getting the real-world experience of working on Tableau, an advanced business intelligence and analytical tool used to build visualizations, design dashboards and organize data to make smarter business decisions.

Results that Speak for Themselves

After completing the Business Analytics Course, I started working on new assignments at Accenture and even got a few interview inquiries from outside the organization — which was another goal for me before signing up for the course. Today,  I am a senior manager at Genpact.

I am very happy with the quality of the course and material provided. Overall, it is a great experience and I’ve already shared Simplilearn’s Business Analyst Course with my friends who are looking for a career change.

With Simplilearn, my dream of getting into analytics has finally come true.