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Steering My Career Towards Product Leadership

Picture of Anurag Moitra

Anurag Moitra

9+ years

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Product Manager


Picture of Product Manager

Product Manager



As a 30-year-old engineer and MBA graduate from Vadodara, Gujarat, now living in Pune with my wife, my professional journey has been marked by diverse and enriching experiences across the realms of marketing, business development, and product management. Having navigated through roles in esteemed companies like Wipro, PhonePe, and currently Vodafone Group as a Product Manager, my career has been a testament to my relentless pursuit of growth and excellence.

Enrollment Decision and Career Goals

About a year ago, I mapped out a detailed 7 to 8-year plan for my personal and professional development. It became clear that to ascend in the strategy-making and decision-making echelons, I needed to bolster my skillset with a formal education in product management. Choosing to upskill with the Professional Certification Program in Product Management in collaboration with SP Jain through Simplilearn was a strategic move. It aligned perfectly with my long-term career goal to become a product head, enabling me to deliver unparalleled value while working alongside innovative minds.

My Experience with Simplilearn

The experience with Simplilearn was nothing short of fantastic. The curriculum’s structured flow from product ideation to understanding the neuroscience behind consumer behavior offered a holistic learning journey. The faculty from SP Jain brought an unmatched level of expertise and insights from their extensive work with global companies, making every session an invaluable learning opportunity. This program wasn’t just an educational pursuit; it was an unforgettable experience that I hope to extend by meeting some of the faculty members in person someday.

Professional Certification In Product Management
Leveraging SP Jain’s academic excellence & product expertise from Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe & VMware

Certification Provided a Career Boost

This certification significantly magnified my visibility and appeal in the job market, especially on LinkedIn, which I liken to Amazon for job seekers. Uploading my certificate immediately attracted 4-5 lucrative job offers from varied domains. I have currently shortlisted one and am confidently navigating through the interview process, anticipating a salary hike of more than 30%. This course has undeniably propelled my career forward, providing me with the credentials and confidence to stand out in the competitive product management landscape.


The skills and knowledge acquired during the Professional Certification Program in Product Management course, especially in wireframing and using tools like Balsamiq and Figma, have been instrumental in my professional endeavors. They’ve not only expanded my toolkit as a product manager but also sparked an interest in no-code app and website builders, opening up a new realm of possibilities. As I stand on the precipice of transitioning to a role that encompasses product ideation to launch, I am filled with gratitude towards Simplilearn and SP Jain for equipping me with the capabilities to envision and execute groundbreaking products. This journey has been a pivotal milestone in my career, steering me closer to my ultimate goal of product leadership.