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Taking the Leap from Intern to Full-time with Certifications

Kevin García Oviedo

Kevin García Oviedo

4+ years

Intern Analyst

Intern Analyst

Merck KGaA

GTM-E Project Manager

GTM-E Project Manager

Merck KGaA

As documented by Kevin Garcia

I am a mechatronics engineer with a master’s degree in strategic business management and project management. I am currently leading processes improvement and data analytics projects for Merck KgaA in Germany, one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world. I have five years of experience as a project and product manager in Mexico, the United States, and Germany. 

While an intern with Merck KgaA, I pursued Simplilearn’s Professional Certificate Program in Business Analysis with Purdue University. It was the perfect step toward gaining more confidence and better managing projects. After completing the course, I was offered a full-time position and was assigned new tasks. In addition, I also was given a 300 percent salary increase. 

I am now a certified PMP® by the PMI®, a ScrumMaster, and a SAFE® Agilist. I aspire to have a higher management role where I can manage my portfolio of projects. 

Simplilearn’s applied learning format

The comprehensive curriculum made me choose Simplilearn over other platforms. What worked out significantly well for me was Simplilearn’s applied learning approach, where I could learn at my own pace and still benefit from the live classes. I particularly enjoyed the business cases, which demonstrated a practical application of concepts. 

Simplilearn provided training on Excel, Tableau, and several other analytics tools. The course catered to a lot of skills. The ability to attend the lectures, flexible learning, and all the resources at-hand improved the learning experience. It felt like I was learning in a real-life classroom, and the material available such as ebooks was extremely easy to understand and helpful.

Professional Certificate Program in Business Analysis
IBM masterclasses, AMAs, and course certifications

The motivation to upskill 

The need to understand and leverage data was a big motivation for me to upskill. My job demanded a comprehensive understanding of data and various interpretation tools, and I wanted to update my skill set and find a more rewarding and challenging career. I advise aspiring professionals to equip themselves with basic data skills because that’s what many jobs will require.

Simplilearn’s Professional Certificate Program in Business Analysis course enabled me to work efficiently with data. Whenever there’s a need to turn a project into a dashboard, I am the one my company asks, and I am getting new projects. I have leveraged all the learnings from the course and am using them in my current role. 

Today’s workers need to upgrade their data skills

I see the world moving towards data today more than ever before. Collecting and analyzing data will be crucial to every business. I advise aspiring professionals to upgrade their data skills, not necessarily become an expert, but to learn the basics. It is important to take risks and keep challenging oneself. That is what I’ve been doing, and it is what has helped my career so far.

I want a management role where I can lead and manage a portfolio of projects to help organizations thrive in globally competitive markets. I want to keep specializing in data and analytics to leverage both disciplines to make fact-based decisions in whatever role I have.

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