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The Journey of Stellar Performance Improvement

Dean Hayling

Dean Hayling

17+ years

Lead Manager–Operations

Lead Manager–Operations

Tech Mahindra

Deputy General Manager Operations

Deputy General Manager Operations


As documented by Dean Hayling

Working in a senior position does not mean learning stops. To smoothly transition and change career domains, I pursued the Postgraduate Program in Digital Transformation through Simplilearn, which also successfully upskilled me to improve my performance in my current role.

The Career Journey

I have over 20+ years of working experience and am skilled in Process, Compliance, Product, Quality, soft skills and behavior-based deliveries. My work experience spans various delivery models and industries, including GE Capital International Services, Sujana Group of Industries, ACT Fibernet (Beam Telecom), United Solutions Group – USA, and more.

Previously, I worked at Tech Mahindra as a Lead Manager for about 3+ years. I am currently the Deputy General Manager of Operations at Cognizant.

The Main Challenge

Even after working as a senior in the service delivery field, I needed to gain a thorough knowledge of Digital Transformation that would help improve my performance in the current role and simultaneously create a solid foundation to shift from service delivery to IT. Therefore, I was looking for a professional course to help me achieve this goal and gain certifications to validate my skills. 

Professional Certificate Program In Digital Transformation
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Simplilearn Solution

The reviews on Simplilearn were very encouraging when I came across the Postgraduate Program in Digital Transformation. I explored the curriculum and realized the course was built perfectly to help me upskill and bridge my previous knowledge to the information needed to do well in my current role. The course assisted me in changing career domains and provided the necessary direction to grow and achieve greater heights.

The Simplilearn Impact

My learning journey with Simplilearn was immensely helpful. The course developed my knowledge from scratch and gave me a lot of practical exposure to various concepts which can be implemented in the market today. I head service delivery and the course armed me with the information I needed to transition to the IT and Digital Technology domain. 

I liked that the course had industry experts as instructors, giving me deeper insights into all the concepts. The concepts explained the targeting areas of the ‘customer first’ approach towards building a product or service, which was quite insightful. There were several concepts that were discussed and described well with proper instances and explanations. If you are wondering whether Simplilearn is good or bad, you can be assured that it is one of the best platforms to upskill.

*Disclaimer: Post Graduate Program in Digital Transformation has been renamed to Professional Certificate Program in Digital Transformation