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Transforming Careers: My Journey of Upskilling with Simplilearn

Vaibhav Chitrao

Vaibhav Chitrao

13+ years

Business Transformation Manager

Business Transformation Manager

Varian , A Siemens Healthineers Company

Business Transformation Manager

Business Transformation Manager


As documented by Vaibhav Chitrao

My name is Vaibhav, and I currently reside in Pune. In 2009, I graduated in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Savitribai Phule University. Soon after, I began my professional journey as a Software Engineer at Atos. After two years, I joined IBM as a System Support Specialist, where I spent three and a half years. Seeking further growth, I pursued a Masters in Business Administration from IBS, Hyderabad, completing it in 2016. Post-MBA, I joined PwC as an Associate and worked with them for three years. In 2019, I joined Takshashila Consulting as an Engagement Manager entrusted by the founders to develop and execute market strategies. After a year, I embarked on a new opportunity at Varian, a Siemens Healthineers Company, as a Business Analyst. Having gained valuable experience over the span of ten years, I felt the need to upskill and expand my knowledge, leading me to enroll in Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program In Digital Transformation.

Enrollment Decision and Career Goals:

Signing up for Simplilearn’s Digital Transformation Course was a significant step forward for me. The course curriculum covered a wide range of topics related to business digital transformation, which immediately caught my attention. During the course, I had the opportunity to learn new skills that proved highly valuable in my domain. The instructors were incredibly helpful, and the doubt-clearing sessions facilitated a better understanding of the course content. The insightful peer discussions also allowed me to engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds and domains.

My experience with Simplilearn:

Overall, my experience with Simplilearn was exceptional. The course allowed me to learn essential skills such as agile, design thinking, prototyping, and affinity diagrams, which are highly relevant in business transformation. My current work revolves around defining methods and executing projects, so the knowledge gained during the design thinking module has been particularly advantageous. The agile transformation concepts I learned have also proven to be a game changers, significantly impacting my project management responsibilities. The capstone project, where we applied the learned concepts to real-world scenarios, was a particularly effective and practical learning experience.

Post Graduate Program In Digital Transformation
IBM masterclasses, AMAs, and course certifications

Certification Provided a Career Boost:

Upon completing the course, I experienced a significant career transition. I shifted from an IT and management-focused role to a core business transformation profile within the same company. I was offered a new position as a Business Transformation Manager, accompanied by a salary hike of 10%. This certification program expanded my knowledge and skills and opened doors to new opportunities aligned with my career goals.

In conclusion, my decision to upskill myself through Simplilearn’s Digital Transformation Program has been instrumental in my career growth. The course provided me with invaluable skills, allowed me to make a successful transition, and opened doors to exciting prospects in the field of business transformation. I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward to applying my enhanced knowledge and expertise to make a significant impact in my new role.