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Moving towards dream through upskill

Picture of Dinesh Kandasamy

Dinesh Kandasamy

11+ years

Picture of Security Analyst

Security Analyst

CURO Financial Technologies Corp

Picture of Security Analyst

Security Analyst

Shared Services Canada

As documented by Dinesh Kandasamy  

I am a computer enthusiast with studies and work experience in the same field. Holding ten years of experience, my previous role was as Security Analyst. My will to excel in my career required constant effort to find new and interesting job opportunities. It further required dedication to learning, which eventually paid off in the end. 

The Journey

I live in Toronto, Canada, and work as a security Analyst at Shared Services Canada. My studies were from RCC College of Technology in Computer networks. After gaining expertise in one’s field, upskilling is an efficient way to carry on with prior experiences and learn new things. It is accompanied by the added benefit of applying both skills, increasing one’s worth. 

The Challenge

While looking for new opportunities, I realized the need for additional and new knowledge with the capability to apply. Finding a suitable course with the best utilization of time and money is a challenging task. However, I found Simplilearn to solve educational and professional problems.

Simplilearn Solution

On searching for various e-learning platforms, the great Simplilearn reviews caught my attention and helped me choose among the many options. It was loaded with benefits which I further discovered after enrollment. The blended learning approach assisted in hassle-free learning. Moreover, they provided practical exposure, numerous tests, and projects with strict deadlines. Exposure to industry-relevant projects provided me a great help in shaping my career and helping me grow professionally by getting certified.

Post Graduate Program In Cloud Computing
Master Classes taught by Caltech CTME instructor

The Impact

The course enhanced my knowledge of current technologies and tools with a deeper understanding of Cloud Architect. It led me to get new job opportunities with a 20% hike in my salary, and I could see myself grow in my career. I gained confidence and the ability to apply my skill. The experience was fulfilling and a source of deeper knowledge through the curriculum and instructors. I plan to pursue my long-term goal of becoming an IT director of an organization in Cloud architecture. 

A Word From Simplilearn

Master’s Program in Cloud Architect brings forward a rewarding career in alignment with Microsoft Partner, Technology Partner, Google Cloud, and AWS partner network. It ensures mastering the architectural principles and services, design, and gaining proficiency in applications and developing skills. 

Skills Covered

  • AWS Cloud formation
  • Azure resource manager
  • EC2
  • S3
  • Route53
  • VPC
  • Azure App Services
  • GCP and more

The Cloud Architect Certification guarantees skill set learning, application of numerous tools, and dedicated learners’ utilization of various cloud services. The program comprises 160+ live and recorded lectures, expert guidance, and 16+ industry projects to make people aware of real-life problems.