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Career Change with Simplilearn

Picture of Boopathy D

Boopathy D

15+ years

Picture of Information and Cyber Security - Research Analyst

Information and Cyber Security - Research Analyst


Picture of Information and Cyber Security - Research Analyst

Information and Cyber Security - Research Analyst


As documented by Boopathy D

I am Boopathy D, a resident of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Having expertise in teaching and knowledge of Cyber Security, I wanted a career in the latter. The requirement was a certification from a recognized institute, pushing me to work hard for a certified course. Currently, I am freelancing using my knowledge and skills and looking for a job opportunity in the domain. 

The Journey 

I am a Ph.D. Scholar from Bharathiar University. Post completion, I served the institute as a previous guest faculty at the Department of Extension & Career Guidance. Apart from teaching, I find myself interested in ethical hacking. Concerning the same, I also hold a degree in Postgraduate Diploma in Cyber Security. Owing to my interest in the latter field, I wanted to continue my career in this field, which began my journey to a new career choice. 

The Challenge 

My interest in Cyber Security and my will to work in the field required a certified degree from a recognized institute. I discovered that this career domain is full of job opportunities and capable of providing professional growth. However, the search wasn’t easy as a good educational platform providing quality knowledge and skills is difficult to find. 

Simplilearn Solution

I came across Simplilearn’s Advanced Executive Program in CyberSecurity. They offered the program in association with IIIT Bangalore, a top institute to show off on my resume. Apart from this, Simplilearn’s customer service is exceptional as well. They ensured timely answers to my query, which motivated and helped me finalize Simplilearn for my next career path. 

Simplilearn’s teaching faculties are good, with an abundance of helping and guiding nature. Their comprehensive curriculum and blended learning approach providing both live and recorded lectures were the best pastime for me. The regular tests, projects, and practice labs were personally beneficial to me as I learned from practice. They also provided hands-on experience  with the practical concepts and their execution in the current market. My upskilling journey with Simplilearn was great. To move ahead in your career, upskilling is a major accomplishment to achieve greater heights.

Advanced Executive Program In Cybersecurity
Masterclasses from top faculty of IIIT Bangalore

The Impact 

As I mentioned, the course benefited me personally and professionally; here is how. The personal benefit was the deeper and practical aspect of knowledge related to cyber security that can be utilized in many ways. Currently, I am looking for job opportunities; however, in the meantime, I can earn through the skills and knowledge provided at Simplilearn. I am working as a Freelance Research Analyst and exploring more in this field. 

A Word From Simplilearn 

Simplilearn provides an Advanced Executive Program in Cybersecurity in association with IIIT Bangalore and NPCI. The course is loaded with real-world applications of concepts and is completely suitable for any level of candidates in the field. The online course helps candidates earn the advantage and name of IIIT Bangalore along with virtual internship experience and a certificate from NPCI.   

Skills Covered

  • Application security
  • Enterprise security
  • Ethical hacking
  • Penetration testing
  • Defensive cybersecurity
  • Cryptography
  • Ransomware analysis
  • Network concepts
  • Threat hunting 

The integrated lab’s facility allows candidates to practice on 30+ demos and multiple projects for an in-depth understanding of the topic. This cyber security program primarily focuses on defensive cybersecurity, application security, malware analysis, ethical hacking, and much more.