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Exploring Advanced Cybersecurity with Simplilearn

Aakash Raymond Datt

Aakash Raymond Datt

3+ years

Cybersecurity Analyst Level - 1

Cybersecurity Analyst Level - 1


Cybersecurity Analyst Level -2

Cybersecurity Analyst Level -2


As documented by Aakash Raymond Datt 

It is no longer a secret that one has to constantly keep in touch with the changing dynamics of the industry, especially if it is an IT-related field. I have been working around as a professional in cybersecurity for the past few years. To achieve new heights in my career, I pursued an advanced course in the same field, and Simplilearn just made it easy for me.

The Journey

After completing my BTech in Information Technology in 2019, I immediately joined Wipro as a security analyst. My key responsibilities were to monitor the company network and report any suspicious malware. I was responsible for keeping the company environment safe and disallowing unauthorized access. I always looked forward to an MTech degree in Information technology. After completing the advanced-level cyber security course with Simplilearn, my company promoted me. I wish to explore new avenues and live the dream of being a successful cybersecurity analyst.

The Challenge 

I sought an online advanced-level cyber security course. I was looking for a course that would clear the fundamentals of cybersecurity but would not divert me from my current work area. I researched a lot of online courses. However, there was no flexibility with the pace of learning. Also, the courses available were either beginner-level or advanced-level. So, it was tough to decide which course to enroll in.

Simplilearn Solution

I came across Simplilearn’s advanced-level course on cyber security. After going through its curriculum, I was sure this course offered just what I needed. I immediately enrolled in it. Simplilearn allowed me to learn independently and provided access to learning resources 24/7, thus offering flexibility.

Advanced Executive Program In Cybersecurity
Masterclasses from top faculty of IIIT Bangalore

The Impact 

This course taught me various aspects of cybersecurity and changed my perspective at work. It upgraded my skill set and knowledge. The instructors led the course perfectly, clearing all my doubts and fundamentals. The skills I learned in one of the capstone projects of Simplilearn I am using today at work. It has improved my confidence. In the internal interview of the company, the interviewers were impressed with my knowledge, skill set and experience. So finally, I got promoted from Cybersecurity Analyst Level -1 to Cybersecurity Analyst Level -2 with a 40% salary hike. I will surely look for more courses with Simplilearn as it was a thrilling and fruitful experience. 

A Word From Simplilearn 

The Advanced Executive Program in Cybersecurity is provided in collaboration with IIT Bangalore and NPCI. The course facilitates a highly engaging learning experience for individuals who want to approach a successful career in cybersecurity.

Skills covered:

  • Ethical Hacking
  • Penetration Testing
  • Cryptography
  • Malware and ransomware analysis
  • Defensive cybersecurity

Top companies always seek professionals smart at handling and monitoring network security. So, professionals having the right skill set and experience with cybersecurity tools are in high