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Upskill During Job Duration

Picture of Sujeeth Bosco

Sujeeth Bosco

15+ years

Picture of Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager

Bosch Automotive Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.

Picture of Deputy Manager and Group Lead

Deputy Manager and Group Lead

Bosch Automotive Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.

As documented by Sujeeth Bosco

As an engineering enthusiast, I have long experience in engineering and management, leadership and mentoring, and IT systems testing and problem-solving in Bosch Automotive Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. Employed as an Assistant Manager; I found the scope to grow further by upgrading my knowledge and skills. To upskill with a highly professional and friendly team became the best decision of my life. 

The Journey

As an engineer at heart and mind, I have extensive experience in engineering and management. I am a self-motivated professional, capable of working independently or as part of a team. I’ve worked with Bosch Automotive Electronics India Private Limited for the past nine years. In the IT department, I majorly focused on manufacturing IT technology. I dealt with many machines and devices and realized that cyber security had become a prerequisite to thriving in today’s vulnerable online environment. So I decided to upskill myself and improve my understanding of cybersecurity. 

The Challenge

Based in the IT sector, I became familiar with the significance of cyber security for my organization and job role. Therefore, to improve my performance in my current role, prepare myself better for an additional role and its responsibilities in the IT department, and contribute better to the company, I decided to upskill.   

Owing to my busy schedule, I wanted the teaching to be at my pace. Keeping up with my feasible time was a prerequisite while selecting the course.

Simplilearn Solution

I scouted a lot to find the right course for me. When my mentor advised me to learn online and upskill myself, I needed clarification about the quality I would get. But upon researching various platforms, Simplilearn stood out. 

The platform is a very simple tool for learning complicated subjects. It is very logically and sensibly designed. I took the small courses for beginners and then proceeded with post-graduate programs and higher certifications. Also, when I took up ITIL4 Foundation Course, I could correlate everything I learnt to my work. The blended learning approach helped me learn anytime, combining self-learning with live class interaction, and I felt very flexible with my work commitments. I did most of my courses while traveling for work on weekdays in a cab and others on weekends. 

The journey with Simplilearn was motivating, and I thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions. It encouraged me to keep coming back and learning more with Simplilearn.

The Simplilearn customer care is exceptionally dedicated. The support and teaching staff was very supportive and helpful. Last but not the least, the wide array of courses it offers is impressive. The payment modes and Simplilearn refund policy are very easy and convenient. It is an all-in-one package with an amazing learning experience, great management staff, and an exceptional teaching and support team.

Post Graduate Program in Cyber Security
Four Industry Case Studies covered by MIT professors

The Impact

This Post Graduate Program in Cyber Security Course came bearing a lot of achievements and rewards for me, both personal and professional. This course helped me improve my performance and got me a promotion and a salary increment of 12%. From an assistant manager, I was promoted to Deputy Manager and Group Lead. I was given new roles and responsibilities. The management believed in my skills more than earlier. This course helped me work smoothly, identify all the critical processes, and define clear risk & mitigation strategies for the organization. My work was highly appreciated, and I could also train my colleagues. It is quite satisfying to help others learn something, and this course has enabled me to do that. 

A Word From Simplilearn

Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program in Cyber Security course provides the candidates with detailed insight into data security and infrastructure maintenance via risk studies and compliance. Beginning from basic, it takes you to an advanced level at your pace of understanding and practicing.