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Upskilling to Remain Competitive in Your Local Job Market

Emmanuel Mothogwane

Emmanuel Mothogwane

6+ years

RF Microwave Technician

RF Microwave Technician

Comsol Networks

Network Operations Center Engineer

Network Operations Center Engineer

Ikeja Wireless

As documented by Emmanuel Mothogwane

My career began as a field service technician with Telkom, the leading wireline and wireless telecommunications provider in South Africa. I earned my degree in electrical engineering, so working with ADSL, routers and switches, and other configurations needed in telecom was a natural fit. However, after a few years, I realized that there weren’t enough opportunities for growth in the field. I started working within other organizations and realized that hacking is a huge problem for businesses and that there was a demand for professionals who know how to make our systems more secure. 

I began learning more about IT networks and cyber security using free courses through SkillUp by Simplilearn. From there, I decided to pursue training to help me enter the cyber security field. Simplilearn’s Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification, felt like the right next step because it’s globally recognized and is an audit professional certification sponsored by the reputed Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA).

Cyber Security Expert Master’s Program
Gain Insights from Industry Experts and advance your career

Commitment to Upskilling Pays Off

After successfully completing the certification program, I was able to secure a job with Ikeja Wireless as a network operations center engineer. My salary increased by 75 percent as compared to my previous job with Comsol as an RF Microwave Technician. I was determined to upskill myself and join the ranks of successful cyber security professionals, so I made every moment count. Each day when I returned home from work, I went straight to my studies. I also studied during the lunch hour at my job, as well as during the weekends.

Take Advantage of World-Class IT Education from Anywhere 

Simplilearn’s CISA certification program provided me access to comprehensive coursework not offered by many IT education sources in South Africa. The online learning platform is easy to use and navigate. The instructors were very helpful, the study material was comprehensive, and the tutors were happy to provide any assistance I needed to succeed.

Any of Simplilearn’s selection of programs and certifications will help prepare you for a better career in cyber security and other in-demand roles in the IT industry.