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Branching Out into the Tech Field

Picture of Shubham Sharma

Shubham Sharma

1+ years

Picture of Data Science Intern

Data Science Intern

EzeRx Health Tech Pvt Ltd

Picture of Learner Success Manager

Learner Success Manager


As documented by Shubham Sharma

Sometimes, you can get yourself a full education in a particular field, only to find that it doesn’t quite align with the current job market. Demands for different professionals fluctuate, and things like economic downturns, advances that replace existing technologies, and even global pandemics can alter the job landscape at any moment. We live in an increasingly tech-dependent world, and it was that realization that motivated me to enroll in Simplilearn’s Data Scientist Master’s program to better my career prospects.

But before we get into how I became upskilled in the data science field, let me tell you where I started from.

A Little Information About Me

I’ve lived all my life in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India, and completed my undergrad studies in Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh in 2018. I followed this up with a postgraduate study in Mathematics in 2020, at the same university.

My Challenge: Upskilling with Tech-Based Knowledge

Upon completing my post-grad studies in 2020, I discovered that COVID-19 had brought about a scarcity in the job market involving statistics and mathematics. It was very difficult for me to get a job in my specialty fields, so I concluded that my best course of action was to upskill myself.

I felt that upskilling would improve me in such a way that my previous domain knowledge would give me an extra edge, and also ease my transition into a different domain. Bear in mind, that I was approaching this effort from a completely non-technical background, which as you can imagine, added another layer of complexity to my plan. I needed to find a way to not only upskill but also overcome my lack of a technical background. Lucky for me, I found Simplilearn.

How Simplilearn Helped Me Attain My Goal

I signed up for Simplilearn’s Data Scientist Master’s program with the expectations of a solid upskilling experience. I chose Simplilearn because it’s the world’s number one online bootcamp for upskilling. I have also been following Simplilearn for quite a long time, and I was impressed with the vastness of the course curriculum. The course helped me get the relevant industry skills and knowledge I needed to thrive in today’s tech-heavy job marketplace. In fact, Simplilearn gave me the full range of skills, everything from the basics to the advanced levels. The Simplilearn experience was awesome. I especially enjoyed the live classes and virtual labs. I also greatly appreciated the support team’s on-demand assistance. Additionally, I found that Simplilearn’s faculty is experienced and possesses great knowledge in their respective fields.

During my upskilling training, I did some internships in the appropriate domain with the Sparks Foundation and with EzeRx Health Tech Pvt Ltd. Internships are great at not only helping you learn more about your relevant field but also enable you to take the skills and knowledge you just learned and apply them to an actual “real world” job environment.

Business Analytics For Strategic Decision Making
State-of-the-art curriculum designed and delivered by IIT Roorkee faculty

The Result: A Great Tech-Based Career!

After I completed the Data Science course, I did in fact find meaningful employment, and it’s a great job with a fantastic benefits package. And where did I land, you ask? Simplilearn! Yes, I am presently employed as a Learner Success Manager with the same firm that gave me that valuable technical expertise in the first place. I guess you can say I’ve come full circle!

So, to recap, I went from a non-technical person whose career prospects had been negatively impacted by a worldwide pandemic, to a bona fide techie guy with a great tech career and excellent benefits! The future looks bright, and I see myself working as a Data Scientist in the long term. Our world increasingly relies on vast amounts of data, so my prospects for a stable and rewarding career are bright.

Conclusion: What Can Simplilearn Do for You?

Whether you want to follow the path of a Data Scientist or focus on a different hot career prospect such as Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, DevOps, or even Digital Marketing, Simplilearn has all the resources you need to turn your ambitious IT career dreams into reality. Simplilearn offers a huge selection of classes, bootcamps, and other resources in the above fields and much more. Whether you want to upskill like Shubham did, or go for a total change of career direction, Simplilearn can help make the entire process easier. Thanks to thorough, comprehensive learning materials, labs that offer hands-on experience, and professional, knowledgeable staff, you will be amazed at the strong tech skill set you will wind up with. And you can achieve this tech mastery while still working at your current job, thanks to how flexible the courses are. Learn at your own pace, when and where you choose.

So don’t delay. Check out Simplilearn today and increase your marketability in today’s competitive job market, while you stay ahead of the tech learning curve. A better career is yours for the taking.