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Covid-19 Delay Offers a Career Upskilling Opportunity

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Sanjog Dalvi


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Associate Analyst


As documented by Sanjog Dalvi.

I was about to complete my Bachelor’s degree in IT from Viva College in Mumbai when the college postponed final exams for eight months, due to the Covid-19 outbreak. With only a bachelor of science degree in IT, I knew not to expect much in getting my first job. I wanted a course that could increase my job readiness.

Instead of twiddling my thumbs waiting for finals, I decided to use the time to further enhance my skills and education by enrolling in Simplilearn’s Data Scientist Master’s Program. I came across a Simplilearn ad on YouTube and, after some research, I knew that the Data Scientist Master’s Program was the right fit for me.

I did not see the point in waiting another year to enroll in a master’s course with a university or a college. I wanted a course I could take right away. Simplilearn’s master’s program — which is 100% online — was not a difficult decision to make. Simplilearn offered a level of convenience and flexibility that worked for me. The course page was detailed and informative, and Simplilearn’s Job Assist program was intriguing.

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Great Teaching, Quality Instructors, and New Job

What I appreciated most about the course is that the instructors aimed to get everyone on the same level of understanding when they began a course. They spent the first few classes touching upon the basics so that everyone was on the same page. This also gave learners like me — who were familiar with the basics — a chance to review.

The course content was on point. There were so many topics that I did not expect a data science course to include, such as Big Data, so that was great. The instructor who taught us Big Data was excellent because she made it a point to answer each of our questions.

After completing the course, I was able to get a job at JC Penney as an associate analyst. Since the goal from the beginning was to get a job, Simplilearn’s Job Assist program was just what I needed.

While I was nervous at first during the interviews, my confidence grew because I could answer all of their questions using what I had learned in the course. Even better, the interview questions were at an intermediate level, and the knowledge that I had gained from Simplilearn was at an advanced level.

Completing the course was an amazing experience. I am now also taking Simplilearn’s Artificial Intelligence course. I am sure it will be another great addition to my skill set.

If you’re ready to pursue a lucrative future in data science, Simplilearn has the flexible, online course and job assistance to help launch your new career!