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Simplilearn Reviews: Getting Back into the IT Field

Shruti Bankar

Shruti Bankar

3+ Years



mjunction services ltd

Data Scientist

Data Scientist

Caterpillar Inc.

Sometimes life throws unexpected obstacles in your way. One moment, things are going great, and you see your future laid out in front of you, the next, things come to a grinding halt, and you never saw it coming. But although those obstacles can hinder your progress and plans for life, we can rise above the setbacks and get our future back on track.

Although enthusiasm, drive, and excitement can help you overcome life’s unexpected complications, sometimes you need a little extra help. In my case, that help came from Simplilearn and its Data Science Master’s Program.

But first, a little background.

My Background

I hail from Nagpur, Maharashtra. I completed my Bachelors in Engineering from KDK College of Engineering in 2017 and got placed in M Junction Services Ltd. as an Associate. While there, I completed several projects and worked for a client, Steel Authority of India, Chandrapur. While working at M Junction, I got an opportunity to learn various languages. Everything seemed to be falling into place.

However, in early 2020, things went off the road when I went in for surgery. Although the surgery was successful, the doctor advised me not to work, so I had to leave my job.

But even my necessary departure from the workforce couldn’t diminish my enthusiasm, desire for knowledge, dedication, and ability to learn things quickly. I still wanted to learn new things, be it technological innovations or new languages. And I still had my hobbies and interests, things like cooking and dancing.

The Challenge: Upskilling After a Health-Related Absence from the IT Industry

Although my career plans had stalled, technology and innovation march on. The last thing I wanted to do was to fall behind. And the problem is, in the fast-paced, ever-growing IT world, one or two years is like an eternity.

I decided I needed to take some online courses and get myself upskilled and stay current. However, there was a dizzying number of online educational choices. Fortunately, I had friends who had taken the Data Science course from Simplilearn and were pleased with the results. There’s nothing like positive word of mouth to convince you!

Also, I noticed the reviews for Simplilearn were positive and persuasive and played a role in convincing me that this was the right choice. So, I decided to sign up. Since my health issues prevented me from working full-time, I was easily able to dedicate the needed time to study.

Business Analytics For Strategic Decision Making
Practical exposure through hands-on projects and a Capstone

The Simplilearn Solution

I was not disappointed. My experience with Simplilearn was great. The course was really well designed, and I especially enjoyed the live lectures. I remember sharing my questions and doubts to the tutors, and they helped me resolve those issues using study materials, examples, and projects. In fact, I’d say the tutors played an important role in helping me to successfully complete my Simplilearn journey!

Thanks to the Data Science course, I learned R, Python, and Machine Learning programming languages, as well as gaining considerable knowledge in the domain.

It also helped that the course’s cost was nominal and convenient for me.

Additionally, I appreciated the support team’s ability to quickly answer my questions and resolve my issues in a very timely fashion.

The Results

After I successfully completed the Data Science course, I got a new job as a Data Scientist in Caterpillar with a salary hike of 50 percent! I gained considerable knowledge and skills in my chosen field, in part because the course helped me grow personally and professionally by helping me interact with experienced professionals in my domain.

These professionals shared their work experience with me, and I got a lot of benefit from that. It especially helped me gain more knowledge about current corporate life and how I should present myself at interviews. After all, I had been out of circulation for over a year!

But Simplilearn didn’t just help me get skills and into an exciting new job. It’s prepared me to tackle my long-term career goals. I usually set short-term goals, but I have a particular long-term goal. I want to work in my current company because it’s a big multi-national corporation, but I have a very specific role in mind. I want to lead a Data Scientist team there.

I’m confident that, thanks to the skills and knowledge that Simplilearn imparted, I will be able to easily meet this goal. And who knows what exciting new doors that will open for me?

Focus on the Future

Focus is really important for any goal you set. You should take your goals, whether long or short term, seriously and work on them daily. Consistency, dedication, and concentration is the key to success.

It also helps to have some resources on your side to make the journey easier. For me, it was Simplilearn’s Data Scientist Master’s program. But they have so much more than Data Science training. You can take courses in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data, or the ever-important field of Cybersecurity.

So, plan those goals, keep an eye on the future, and learn as much as you possibly can. Don’t let anything stop you!