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Making a Seamless Transition into an IT Career

Picture of Yuriy Rogalski

Yuriy Rogalski

4+ years

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Digitalization & IT


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IT Business & Cloud Consultant


As documented by Yuriy Rogalski

I am an IT professional born in Ukraine and currently hold German citizenship, living in Frankfurt. Before upskilling with Simplilearn, I earned a master’s degree in environmental engineering from the University of Kassel. Three years into working as a project manager with construction companies, I decided to take the leap, upskill, and explore opportunities in the IT field. And in order to change career paths, I realized that I needed to get upskilled in the latest technologies and advancements. After comparing my options, I felt the curriculum and overall program offerings at Simplilearn were better than its competitors. The content, easy self-paced learning, and the great support for online learners lead me to choose Simplilearn as my upskilling partner.

Just three months after completing the Data Science and Cloud Architect Certification programs at Simplilearn, I was able to transition out of my role as a project manager into a position as an IT business consultant at one of the top 10 German IT companies. Even more, I received a salary hike of 10 percent. 

Skills to Use for Your Day-to-Day Work Requirements

One of the best parts of completing the certification programs is that I learned skills and techniques that I immediately put to use. Not only did I land an IT position at a top firm and receive a nice pay increase, but I’m also able to see the benefits in the daily tasks I complete in my role. For example, I’ve been able to program a plugin in Python (PyQt5), set up an IT project with Jira and Confluence, and perform day-to-day business analytics. I’ve even created a personal Tableau homepage.

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Support from Industry Experts

My transition from working in project management and digitalization to a career in IT security with cloud projects on AWS DevOps and Azure was made much easier because of the instructors. They were very professional and friendly. They have excellent knowledge of data science and cloud computing. They helped me a lot at the beginning of the course since the subject matter was completely new to me. Their constant support is something that made me confident about successfully completing the programs.

Upskill with Self-Paced Programs that Fit Your Life

Even though I was a working professional while taking my courses, both the data science and cloud architect programs used Simplilearn’s flexible learning format — it was possible for me to balance everything. I handled my daily activities and family time then attended the evening sessions and dedicate my weekends to my studies as well. The self-paced recorded videos were of great help to me, clearing the doubts I had about earning my new certifications.