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Upskilling Into a New Career with a 60% Salary Hike!

Picture of Bhavna Saxena

Bhavna Saxena

2+ years

Picture of Assistant Software Engineer

Assistant Software Engineer

Nucleus Software

Picture of Trainee-Data Analyst

Trainee-Data Analyst

OnMobile Global Limited

Deciding which career to pursue and what job role to work on can always be confusing. You can explore as much as possible until you are happy with your current job and designation. That is what I did; I was not fully satisfied with my career path and decided to change it entirely. After witnessing the growing demands for Data Science professionals in several industries, I made the ground-breaking decision to pursue a Data Science career. 

The Journey

A newcomer to the professional world, I began my career as an Assistant Software Engineer in the company named Nucleus Software Exports Ltd. I received this job almost immediately after completing my graduation. I pursued a B.Tech degree in Computer Science and thought that Software Engineering was my ultimate work domain. I reside in Bangalore and love sketching in my spare time. I also enjoy traveling to new places. 

However, after acquiring my degree and working as an Assistant Software Engineer, I felt that this career path was not the one I wished to stay in for long. My interests were drawn by the Data Science career path and its plethora of work opportunities. 

To take a completely different career path, I needed to master the field of Data Science. That is when I came across the Data Science Job Guarantee Program, specially designed for Data Science career-seeking aspirants and professionals willing to switch careers. 

The Simplilearn Course

The positive results were evident right from the beginning; as soon as I began pursuing the Data Science Job Guarantee Program, I embarked on a new career journey where everything I learned was new and per my interest. This course is designed as an intensive, intensive job-ready training program; it prepares every aspiring individual into a job-ready professional.

The course helped me understand the types of opportunities in Data Science. It also gave an in-depth look into the world of Data Science, what it is like to be a data scientist, and how programming languages and data visualization tools are essential. Alongside understanding the world of Data Science, I understood the importance of machine learning and programming languages like Python and R. 

The course successfully demonstrated real-world scenarios, and I could work on hands-on projects to test my learning skills. Many practice and Q&A sessions boosted the understanding and learning of something new. Precisely, the Job Guarantee Program provided me with proper industry-level training and assistance to secure a job in my desired field. 

Post Graduate Program In Data Science
25+ industry-relevant projects from the likes of Amazon, Walmart, Uber, and Mercedes Benz.

The Result

The results were truly immediate; after finishing the course, I was quickly able to switch my career. From being an Assistant Software Engineer at Nucleus Software Exports Ltd, I got a job offer at OnMobile Global Limited and joined as a Data Analyst. The salary hike I received was indeed unexpected; it was a 60% hike all at once. 

A part of the credit behind my new job position also goes to the assistance team of the course; not only did I train like a professional, but the team also helped me prepare an eye-catching resume and get through interviews. 

The lessons I have learned throughout the program have upgraded my skills and enhanced my knowledge. This course has helped me land precisely where I wanted to be. In the upcoming years, I wish to use this knowledge to land better designations in recognized MNCs and make the most of my Data Science career. 

A Word From Simplilearn

The Data Science Job Guarantee Program is designed by Simplilearn with the aim of training aspiring individuals for the industry. By providing the right set of training and knowledge, this program helps people understand the world of Data Science, discover its various aspects and functions, and master it. After completing this course, an aspiring individual will be ready to take job positions in Data Science and prevail in it.