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Use and Interpret Data to Boost Your Career

Busola Oyelade

Busola Oyelade

5+ years

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Nova Scotia Health Authority



Nova Scotia Health Authority

As documented by Busola Oyelade

Working in the public health sector, I deal with data daily. I am originally from Nigeria, where I started my career, but when I came to Canada, I found that the work environment and how they manage data are slightly different. Naturally, I wanted to fit in and be current with the field’s latest trends, so I enrolled in Simplilearn’s Data Analyst Master’s Program. I also believed it would help me improve at my job.

I found that Simplilearn’s course helped me understand data better, and I have been able to streamline my work in terms of data visualization. These days, there are so many different tools available, and I learned Tableau, Python, R, and other tools and have started using them at my job. 

I’m also using my new knowledge and skills to find new opportunities. I have landed several job interviews since I put my new data analyst certification on my LinkedIn profile. It is all because of Simplilearn’s online course, and I hope to have a better job soon. 

Manage Data Better 

Data is everywhere, and it is vital to make informed decisions, especially in the public health sector. When I started working in the Malaria Consortium as a monitoring and evaluation officer in 2017, it was my first experience dealing with data where I had to collect, read, and analyze data daily. 

I have been working with the Nova Scotia Health Authority for one year as an administrative assistant to the research director. My work involves dealing with and analyzing data shared with policymakers.

Post Graduate Program In Business Analytics
12+ hands-on projects aligned to various industry verticals

Learning is Power 

My job requires analyzing and presenting data to technocrats and policymakers. To do that effectively, you must establish a trend, which can only happen if you know how to read and interpret data. 

We get data from various sources, and most of the time, it is complex and massive. The data needs to be clean and simplified, and it has to be analyzed and interpreted. Since completing Simplilearn’s course, I have streamlined my work using data visualization. 

Earlier, there was only PowerPoint. Now, there are so many other tools, including Tableau, Python, R, and others. 

Simplilearn Is the Right Choice

When I moved to Canada, I took a different course from another company but did not find it helpful. A friend introduced me to Simplilearn, and I enrolled, and it was a different experience for me. 

Simplilearn’s Data Analyst Master’s Program was comprehensive, and I learned about many different tools. The combination of live classes and its self-learning approach was beneficial. 

Simplilearn Feedback: Gain Data Analysis Expertise 

Data analysis is one of the most in-demand vocations, and enrolling in Simplilearn’s Data Analyst Master’s Program will help launch your career as an expert in harvesting and interpreting data. Developed in collaboration with IBM, this Data Analyst course helped me do my job better and also become industry-ready for top data analyst positions in the future.