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Getting Certified to Stay on Top of the Latest Digital Skills 

Rajendra Harsha

Rajendra Harsha

25+ years

Scum Master

Scum Master

Photon Infotech Inc.

Agile Scrum Lead

Agile Scrum Lead

Mississippi Department of Human Services

As documented by Rajendra Harsh

With 30+ years of working experience in project management, I currently work as an Agile Scrum Lead at the Mississippi Department of Human Resources. In 2006, I pursued my MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. My upskilling journey with Simplilearn was amazing and I am glad that I can contribute to providing knowledge to other learners by  being a coach myself. 

Professional Journey

I have an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. I also have 30+ years of experience in management, out of which 20 years were at top management level in various industries like manufacturing, metro rail projects, infrastructure projects, hospitality projects, and IT projects. I am also empaneled on Simplilearn as a coach for PMP and Agile Scrum Master with a rating of 4-4.7

The Decision to Upskill

Learning is growing and growing never stops for me, even after 30+ years of working experience. My main motive to upskill myself in the Digital Project Manager Master’s course was to upgrade and brush up on my skills with advancing technologies. 

Post Graduate Program In Project Management
Masterclasses from top faculty of UMass Amherst

Career Impact

While I was enrolled in the course, I received a new job opportunity with a 30 percent increase in my salary. The course helped me brush up on my skills with the current technology, and provided me with a certification that helped me qualify for new opportunities. 

Overall Experience with Simplilearn

My learning journey with Simplilearn was great. The course is well structured with all the industry-relevant projects and assignments. One of the best features for working professionals, like me, is that it comes with recorded lectures where I could attend the classes whenever I had time after my working hours. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable in their fields. I recommend Simplilearn to everyone who wants to  grow and reach greater heights in their careers just by upskilling themselves. 

Long-Term Goals

I am always aiming to be an effective and well-reputed project management coach. 

Simplilearn Feedback: Explore Your Options in Project Management

Our Digital Project Manager Master’s Program is designed to equip project managers with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead and manage digital projects with confidence. The program provides a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of the various aspects of digital project management, including planning, execution, risk assessment, budgeting, stakeholder management and communications, among others.