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Become a successful project manager today and learn from the career trajectory of several other learns who completed the training from Simplilearn and specialized in project management. Simplilearn project management reviews is your one-stop-solution to gain insightful anecdotes from the learners’ experiences and chart your successful career in project management. Learn, grow and jump-start your career as a project manager today!

Alumni stories

Lisa Lucchesi

Picture of Senior Manager - Test Engineering

Senior Manager - Test Engineering

Nike USA

Picture of Senior Manager - Test Engineering

Senior Manager - Test Engineering

Nike USA


I am Lisa Lucchesi, currently serving as a Senior Manager in Test Engineering at Nike, where I lead a team dedicated to material and mechanical testing for new manufacturing capabilities. My journey at Nike spans over 8 years, during which I’ve eagerly embraced opportunities for growth and development. Before joining Nike, I spent 15 years in the medical device industry as a product developer, navigating products from conception to commercialization, a journey that honed my skills and shaped my approach to innovation.

Motivation for Upskilling

My decision to enroll in the University of Massachusetts Amherst Post Graduate Program in Program Management, facilitated by Simplilearn, stemmed from a desire to enhance my skills both for my current role and for future career prospects. The comprehensive curriculum, coupled with the esteemed association with UMass, convinced me that this program was the right fit for my professional aspirations.

Embarking on this journey, I was met with a structured and enriching learning experience. The four-month certificate program delved into various facets of program management, including PMP, Agile Scrum Master, Microsoft Project 2019, implementing a PMO, and a project management capstone course. Each course was meticulously designed, offering a blend of live-online sessions, on-demand resources, project-based learning, and interactive labs.

Myriam Taylor

Picture of Project Manager

Project Manager

Logistyx Technologies

Picture of Lead Project Manager

Lead Project Manager

GE Vernova

As documented by Myriam Taylor

I am Myriam Taylor, a Lead Project Manager at GE Vernova with over 20+ years of experience in various fields of business management. Seeking to enhance my skills and knowledge in project management, I enrolled in the Postgraduate Program in Project Management offered by Simplilearn. In this journey, I aimed to develop expertise in the field and pave the way for a successful career in project management.

Enrollment Decision and Career Goals

After reflecting on my professional journey, I discovered my passion for project management and recognized the need to upskill in this domain. With a desire to excel in my career and achieve higher managerial positions, I made the decision to enroll in the Simplilearn program. My goal was to deepen my understanding of project management principles, acquire industry-relevant skills, and position myself as an expert in the field.

My Experience with Simplilearn

My experience with Simplilearn surpassed my expectations. The program offered a well-structured curriculum that covered a wide range of project management topics. The instructors were highly knowledgeable, and their expertise made the learning process engaging and insightful. I greatly appreciated the self-learning videos provided by Simplilearn, as they expanded my knowledge beyond the live lectures. The blended learning environment, combining live and recorded lectures, allowed me to maintain a balanced approach to my studies. Overall, Simplilearn provided a supportive and enriching learning experience.