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Become a successful project manager today and learn from the career trajectory of several other learns who completed the training from Simplilearn and specialized in project management. Simplilearn project management reviews is your one-stop-solution to gain insightful anecdotes from the learners’ experiences and chart your successful career in project management. Learn, grow and jump-start your career as a project manager today!

Alumni stories

Arun Prakash Sharma

Operations Manager

Operations Manager


Senior Operations Manager

Senior Operations Manager

Ayu Health

As documented by Arun Sharma 

A successful upskilling journey filled with 3 Simplilearn programs led me to change my career domains multiple times, and I got a massive 80% salary increment.

My Career Journey So Far

With over a decade’s work experience, I have worked at Reliance Retail, Flipkart, FabIndia, and Airtel in different capacities and roles. I am currently working as Senior Ops Manager at Plus Health Tech. I am also a trainer with The Knowledge Academy as a freelancer on Project Management, Scrum, and Agile. 

The Challenge

My first program from Simplilearn was the Project Management Professional when I wanted to get certified. As I worked with Reliance Industries Limited, I realized I needed to understand business analytics better. I had already taken up two courses from Simplilearn before and knew where to go. To pass the CBAP exam, one must get into a training course usually provided by a well-known professional e-learning platform. Thus, I researched thoroughly and zeroed in on the Certified in Business Analytics Professional Course from Simplilearn as the perfect stepping stone.

The Simplilearn Solution

The first thing that caught my attention was that Simplilearn is an authorized training partner of the Project Management Institute (PMI), and the PMP training is aligned with PMBOK 7th Edition. Simplilearn’s courses were top-notch with high-quality study material. These courses were taught in an extremely engaging manner. Not only this, but I also reviewed my learning with the help of quizzes and course-end exams. 

Simplilearn offered both instructor-led and self-paced training options for most of its courses. The syllabus first covered the basics and then gradually moved to the intermediate and advanced concepts so that I could have a step-by-step understanding. Overall, my experience was amazing.

Rajendra Harsha

Scum Master

Scum Master

Photon Infotech Inc.

Agile Scrum Lead

Agile Scrum Lead

Mississippi Department of Human Services

As documented by Rajendra Harsh

With 30+ years of working experience in project management, I currently work as an Agile Scrum Lead at the Mississippi Department of Human Resources. In 2006, I pursued my MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. My upskilling journey with Simplilearn was amazing and I am glad that I can contribute to providing knowledge to other learners by  being a coach myself. 

Professional Journey

I have an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. I also have 30+ years of experience in management, out of which 20 years were at top management level in various industries like manufacturing, metro rail projects, infrastructure projects, hospitality projects, and IT projects. I am also empaneled on Simplilearn as a coach for PMP and Agile Scrum Master with a rating of 4-4.7

The Decision to Upskill

Learning is growing and growing never stops for me, even after 30+ years of working experience. My main motive to upskill myself in the Digital Project Manager Master’s course was to upgrade and brush up on my skills with advancing technologies. 

Roshan Gowrisunkur

Business Analyst

Business Analyst


Senior Business Analyst

Senior Business Analyst

Canadian Tire Corporation

As documented by Roshan Gowrisunkur

I work as a senior business analyst for Canadian Tire in Ontario, Canada. My career began as a junior analyst at RGIS Inventory Services. Although I was able to work my way up to business analyst within a few years, there was a barrier preventing me from taking my career to the next level: I lacked the needed skills. To remedy that, I enrolled in Simplilearn’s PMP® Certification Training Course.  

Simplilearn’s course was user-friendly and comprehensive. I appreciated that the videos were short and easy to understand. Also, Simplilearn’s instructors were knowledgeable and very helpful. It was a great learning experience. After completing the course, I received numerous job opportunities. With my new knowledge and skills, I’m working as a senior business analyst with a 20 percent increase in salary. Simplilearn provided me with the career lift I was seeking. They helped me grow professionally, and I am thankful for my opportunities today. 

Darwin Li

IT Team Lead

IT Team Lead

Edmonton Police Service

IT Program Manager

IT Program Manager

City of Edmonton

As documented by Darwin Li

I’ve learned that no matter what a person’s profession, earning a PMP® Certification from Simplilearn furnishes a project management professional with the organizational strategies needed for success. 

Ten years ago, I stepped into an IT leadership role as a program manager with the Canadian Police Department in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The one stipulation for this promotion was that I attain a PMP certification. The job had a lot of responsibilities, including managing our 911 system.

I had a short timeframe to get certified and started using a different online learning company. My experience with that other firm was awful, and I couldn’t get through a single unit without issues. Finally, I found Simplilearn’s PMP Certification Training Course, which helped me tremendously.

The skills I acquired from Simplilearn’s course have proven to be a great help because I learned how to streamline processes after completing the course. After completing the course, I was able to understand the status of projects clearly, and I was also able to make recommendations much more quickly, which my peers were unable to do.  

I chose to retire early from the police department, and I now teach people how to find early financial freedom and create generational wealth. The knowledge I  acquired from Simplilearn is helping a lot in my new venture. I am planning a conference this year, and the project management skills I gained will come into play.

It’s Never too Late to Upskill

I have 20 years of database experience and a bachelor’s degree in co-op electrical engineering from the University of Alberta. When I moved into leadership about 10 years ago, the other employees looked to me to provide project direction. This was when my experience with Simplilearn proved to be invaluable. I have worked on projects my entire career, but the skills I acquired while taking Simplilearn’s PMP Certification course gave me the talent to help the project managers who reported to me or worked with me. I could also uncover potential issues if employees tried to slide things past me. 

Simplilearn’s course was exactly what I needed: it was comprehensive, well laid out, and well-structured. The trainers were excellent, and the study notes were outstanding. Of all the course features offered by Simplilearn, I think the study guides helped me the most.