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How PMP® Training Helped Me Advance in My Specialty

Picture of Patricia Yvonne Montalban

Patricia Yvonne Montalban

4+ years

Picture of Business Analyst

Business Analyst

APC by Schneider Electric

Picture of Senior Business Analyst

Senior Business Analyst

APC by Schneider Electric

As documented by Patricia Yvonne Montalban

Building upon skills with PMP training and achieving career goals with a higher salary and increased confidence in a leadership role.

I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial engineering from De La Salle University and work as a senior business analyst at Scheider Electric in Calabarzon, Philippines. I am an experienced industrial engineer with a history of working in the semiconductor industry. 

I realized that I needed more practical knowledge and skills to manage and organize projects and succeed in my role. To improve my performance, I decided to upskill my skill set by taking the PMP® Certification Training course.

I enjoyed the applied learning approach, which enabled me to learn through a blend of online classes and self-paced learning. This flexibility allowed me to pursue my work and studies according to my availability. My experience with Simplilearn was great. Learning about project management from Simplilearn’s professional trainers and industry experts was exceptionally helpful.

A Desire to Learn

Before taking up PMP training from Simplilearn, I was just a business analyst. Although I am an experienced industrial engineer in the semiconductor industry, I didn’t have the proper knowledge and understanding of how to arrange, organize, and manage a project professionally. 

Digital Project Manager Master’s Program
Hands-on experience with 18+ Projects

Making a Solid Career Leap

When I finished my PMP training, I could apply my newly learned skills to my work and was soon promoted to senior business analyst with a 15 percent increase in salary. Simplilearn’s PMP training helped me grow in my professional field. 

A Valuable Learning Experience

It was a great experience learning using Simplilearn’s flexible approach. Simplilearn provides great instructors and industry experts, and I also like the free courses that Simplilearn offers for continual and accessible learning.